AcuStitch for Windows

L.C. Northcutt

Hi Everyone form the UK!
Just wondering if anyone has purchased this yet? (Part No. 202-419-008).
We are still awaiting delivery here and have no idea of price.
Looks a little like our Horizon Link but a possible improved "Stitch Composer"?
I would be so interested in hearing about any information so far.
Grateful thanks,

Jim Stutsman

We’re waiting for ours in the US as well. Janome seems to be having some schizophrenia regarding software, since this new offering is Windows-only. That comes right on the heels of them proudly offering a MacBook Air with the Quilt Maker machine, while pushing the apps for iPad. I understand the problem, as there is currently no cross-platform solution that would allow developing software once and using it on all 3 devices. However Apple is actively working on a solution that would make it very easy to port iOS software to macOS. We’re expecting to see this further explained at WWDC this summer.

Cheryle Walker

From Sydney Australia

I update my Horizon 15000 to quilt maker and also updated Horizon Link to 1.3.

The attached Bulletin from Janome Japan is about AcuStich for windows.  I think this is related to your exsiting Horizon Link if is version 1.3.

I have done research on internet and tried  google store for AcuSketch for Windows and nothing.

Hope this helps



This version of the new AcuStitch in this bulletin is going to be a separate for purchase program, not part of our existing Horizon Link Suite, according to the bulletin.
Version 1.3 has a more basic version of AcuStitch.
I checked with my dealer this week about it and she said that it's not listed as an item that can be ordered yet. She thought maybe Janome would be releasing it at the VDTA dealer event in the USA in February.
Wait and see!