MBX 4.5


I am getting a dialog box asking for access codes when trying to load MBX 4.5, picture in the photos section. Is this a driver issue? Can you please tell me how to fix this?
Marsha Ryan

Jim Stutsman

You didn't say, so I'm assuming that it has been working up until now. Try installing this update:
If the update is already installed, then shut down Windows. Then turn it on and restart. If you are still having the problem it may be a dongle issue and you'll need to seek Janome Tech Support.

Kaye Lessard

I updated a digitizer jr to mbx 4.5 and had to call Terri at Janome us
I now have a call out for another lady who tried to install from 4.0 mbx to 4.5 update
Hoping she calls her tomorrow!!
I believe (access code) it has to do with the cross stitch program - I had the program already when I installed my 4.5 update
So code came up!!

I do have request though for anyone who has
Mbx4.5 where is the cross stitch program located? I think it was under file but as I have 5 now not sure!!!

Kaye in la