Carole O'Mara

Is a 40wt (Superior King Tut) thread too heavy to use to quilt a small quilt using Acufil (stipple design)?  Label says:  Use topstitch #90/14.  Is that needle too large to use for an Acufil design?  I've only used 50wt in the past, but this is a perfect color for the quilt.  

Thanks so much,
Carole - Colorado Springs

Jim Stutsman

40wt should be fine. The topstitch 14 recommendation is probably related to the thickness of the quilt. The larger eye would also be less likely to fray the cotton thread.


Carole -

The 90/14 needle will work great if you are quilting thru 2 layers of fabric and batting.  No worries about the quilt itself.  If the needle will slide back and forth on the thread- the thread is not to thick for the needle you have.  If it doesn't slide easily without getting stuck when you run the thread thru the eye and then hold one hand higher than the other and then the other hand higher (back and forth) then you need a larger eye on your needle.  Try a top-stitching 90/14 needle.  

I am not sure about the acufil question you ask - but if the thread is the right color and the needle isn't an issue- then go for it.

Tracy in Nashville, TN

Carole O'Mara

Thank you for the advice.  The design is a single run, open design.  I’ll try the 40wt thread and top stitch needle.