Artistic Digitizer Software Update


I just had an update for my Janome Artistic Digitizer Software. Everything relaunched fine except now the new file window is stuck in the lower left corner of the app window. I can’t grab the title bar and I can’t scroll. It’s the same in full screen view. Anyone else have this issue or is this my price for being an early adopter?! I am on a Mac and running Mojave OS. I am new to this software and new to embroidery. 

Thank you,

Jim Stutsman

I'm not seeing the issue on my iMac 27" screen. Our version is 1.0.8856 and Artistic says it's up to date. This could be a bug that only shows up on certain screen sizes or OS versions. We're on Mojave, 10.14.2. Try shutting the computer down (completely turned off) in case it's a temporary hardware glitch. If that doesn't work you'll need tech support, which probably won't be available for the next day or two. When asking for support, in addition to your screen shot be sure to provide the Artistic version (Menu: Artistic -> About Artistic, version & build) as well as your macOS version (Apple icon: About this Mac).