Shopping for a new computer


Hi Jim,
I asked you earlier this year about a new MacBook Pro and you said wait.  They have released the new 2018 MacBook Pro.  I dutifully read the reviews and got confused.  They seem to think it's great.  What do you think?  After all you run the software that we are interested in using with the computer.  Also what would you suggest as the recommended add-ons.  Thank you for the insight in this matter.

Annette in Louisiana

Jim Stutsman

The sticking point on MacBook Pros is the keyboard. Last year's model had an absurdly "fragile" keyboard that would fail if even a hint of dust got into it. They stonewalled at first, then finally started replacing keyboards. The new model supposedly has a plastic cover over the key switches, but it's a little early to see if that is a final fix. I would wait at least until after the Apple event on the 30th just to see what new stuff gets released, and also see what reviews are saying about the keyboard on the MBP.