15000 yellow (embroidery) bobbin holder

Wendy Petit


I have been having a problem with my "yellow dot" bobbin holder.  I have had to replace it 4 times already in the past 2 years.  Is this common for this model?  I have a Brother machine that I have had for over 5 years and have never had to replace the bobbin holder.  

Jim Stutsman

A recurrent theme in the Janome world is machines that "eat" bobbin cases. They don't actually do this, but when a bobbin case needs to be replaced it is almost always due to it being damaged by the needle. This happened to us today, when a clamp let go and pulled a quilt sideways, causing the needle to stab the bobbin case. We were lucky, because only the case itself was damaged, and I was able to buff out the hole so it can be used again. However sometimes when the case is damaged the needle also goes into the hook race, which is the aluminum "basket" that the bobbin case rides on. Burrs, gouges, pits, and other needle-caused damage to the soft aluminum will cause the stitches to catch and not release properly. That can then pull the bobbin case up out of position so it rotates under the needle. If only the case is replaced, the underlying damage will continue to cause trouble. That's almost certainly what's happening with you. Janome makes a tool (Part #OILSTONE) that dealers can get to polish out hook race damage. If it is severe the entire hook race can/should be replaced. You can check for damage with a strong light and magnification. Remove the plate and bobbin case and slow turn the hand wheel looking for anything that is not smooth and shiny. If you find problems you should address them with your dealer. Technicians don't always check for this, and since they make profit on every bobbin case they sell you, there's not a huge motivation.