15000 update


I live in Australia, a long distance away from my dealer, and am looking to upgrade my 15000 to the Quiltmaker.  Can I install this myself, or do I have to have a technician install a sensor (or something else?) for the new needle plate?

I understand the update package includes the plate and a number of feet, but I recall last year people were talking about taking their machines to a dealer.  Is the current update in Oz any different from the one offered in the USA last year?

Many thanks


The update in Australia is different from that in the US and Canada. The package you purchase contains the new feet as well as a USB stick which is used to update the machine and Horizon Link Suite. It's all to be done by you, no dealer intervention is necessary. The reason that US customers had to take their machines to the dealer was to correct deficiencies in the needle threader. Australia is not doing that, perhaps because their machines came from later production runs that did not have a problem. So all you need to do is purchase the update and you can do it all yourself.

Terrill Mays

Hi Margaret

In Australia you can do the upgrade yourself. The main thing to remember to do is swap you foot holder and the "p" embroidery foot for the new ones that come packed in the kit.
the usb that comes in the kit has the machine upgrade and the upgrade for horizon link suite.  The instructions are in the back of the leaflet that are in the kit.
they are very easy to follow.
Terrill in pPerth Western Australia


Thanks Jim and Terrill for your prompt replies.  That's great news!