MBX v5

Ceil J

I (of course) can't speak to MBX as I've only spread around rumors that I've heard online (sorry for that). But I can speak to what Jim says about Maggie.  When I first became aware of Maggie and read what Jim and others said I assumed that they were giving her such high praise as sometimes happens with some exaggeration.  I was happy when she invited me to join her group as I was looking for every opportunity to learn to digitize.  (I now know that this will be a very long process, one that I may never completely learn.)  But I had questions and Maggie responded and helped.  Then I actually downloaded a trial of Hatch and started running into difficulty as I had no experience doing this.  Maggie directed me to a video in the questions section which I thought was something created for those with similar questions.  As it turned out, she answered my questions with a lengthy video and addressed all the questions I had and then went back to ensure that she answered all of them.  I was astonished and embarrassed as well to have caused her to go through such trouble.  I have been watching digitizing videos from several platforms for about a month now and if I could only watch one set from any program it would be Maggie's as she takes the time to teach not only what to do but why to do it.  Her videos are a joy to listen to and I feel that I have a dear friend sitting next to me while I try to tackle this very new experience.  Well, she doesn't need praise from me.  So we are, and I am especially, fortunate that she is in this group and is so very generous with her talent, time and knowledge.  Thank you again, Mags!

Jim Stutsman

Thank you Maggie for clarifying. Regarding what you may read on Facebook with regard to MBX, unless it is on the official Janome FB page, don't put too much faith into it. There are factors that customers do not know that cause this sort of thing to come up:
  • Given the prices of the high end machines, most customers assume that all dealers are wealthy beyond belief. There ARE a very small number of Janome dealers who are quite wealthy as a result of being in business for many years. However there are a LARGE number of dealers who are just making it, or maybe not quite making it. This is a hard business!
  • Put yourself in the position of dealer X. Business has been "OK", but not great. Getting the rent and payroll together each month is still a challenge. Janome has just come out with a new digitizer. You've had to take time off to get trained and you've bought a quantity of them to get the lowest possible price. The suggested price gives you room to make a little extra profit. Customers are asking "Is this now Janome's only digitizing package? Are they dropping MBX?" If the stack of past due bills is high enough, the dealer may well say "Yes" to those questions. Every dealership has one or two customers who always want to be the first to know anything new, and they will immediately start spreading this. No malice is intended, but the bad information can cause a lot of confusion and anxiety.
  • For the record, we never told our customers anything that we didn't get directly from Janome and know to be true. And there were times when we had to use those "convenience checks" that came with the credit card bill in order to put money into the business to keep the doors open. We did not retire wealthy, but we have no regrets.
With regard to Janome MBX, Maggie knows more about it than just about anyone else in the world. If she had a pound for every hour she's logged with Digitizer she'd be living in a mansion rivaling Kensington Palace! We are very fortunate to have her as a member of this group.

maggie cooper

Jim forgive me sweetheart but I'm going to have a right royal rant here, as I'm sick to death of Janome America Inc and their pathetic attempts to scare dealers and end users about MBX. Here goes,I was contacted last year by someone that had attended a Janome Roadshow, only dealers or their representatives could attend, no vendors were allowed in to the actual meetings, a close out list was presented and MBX was included on it, dealers were told Janome had decided the Wilcom MBX was too expensive (no one reminded JAI that it decides the price not Wilcom) but they hadn't informed Wilcom, so I did. I was furious, someone in JAI had decided to make a name for himself and decided Janome end users could go jump in a lake, besides as loyal little Janome customers they should accept what they were offered and he'd decided a crap software was more than ample. An agreement between JAI and Wilcom had been reached after V5 was launched, stating ASS or its derivatives would not be marketed outside of North America, then I was told by someone who was at a Janome Artistic Digitiser training session, they'd met the Janome UK tech support chap who'd been flown over for AD training. Finally in October JAI agreed that MBX would not only be supported but Dealers could order any new versions that Tokyo may already have requested be developed. They also agreed to set the  record straight with the dealers and end users. 

JAI is in its Terrible Teens and like any terrible teen resents its parent directing its choices and decisions, but another American subsidiary, Bernina USA decided to ignore its parent company, so its parent wrested back control, Bernina USA still exists but without the autonomy it it once enjoyed. I do know there are no plans by Wilcom to ditch MBX as Tokyo has asked Wilcom to continue development, as Tokyo considers MBX to be its flagship software. If JAI honours its agreement to continue fulfilling dealers orders if and when the next version of MBX launches, you will be able to order it via your dealer. Lets hope Tokyo Daddy can keep its terrible teen in line.
Maggie Cooper

Ceil J

On an MBX facebook site which I recently joined so I have no knowledge of the members and what they really know or do not know, a few of them are saying that their dealers have told them that Janome is dropping the MBX line.  I don't know if that's what their dealers are assuming but some claim that's what the dealers say Janome has told them.  I'm currently using a free month's Hatch program and was hoping to go with MBX v5 at some point but maybe digitizing software will be regulated to my end of the year list by which time the dust may have settled. I'm not jumping into anything at this point especially as there's talk of the Janome Artistic Digitizer crashing all the time on one of the sites too. I haven't seen any reports of anyone successfully using it yet.

Jim Stutsman

Janome is generally not forthcoming, especially to me! So the best I can do is read the tea leaves. Clearly Wilcom is preparing for the day Janome stops using them, with the release of their Hatch product. It's pretty much a modular version of MBX V5, with a few feature differences. Janome won't drop MBX V5 until they have cleared it from the warehouse. After that it will depend on how well Artistic Digitizer sells. If Janome were to drop MBX V5 I would expect that Wilcom would swoop in with an upgraded Hatch and provide an easy migration path for existing MBX V5 users. Keep in mind that all this is pure SPECULATION. I have no inside track, no crystal ball, only my gut. And even that is bigger than it should be, though it's getting smaller every day!


Any indication what Janome plans since the release of Artistic Digitizer for those who who own MBX v5? Leaving us high and dry? Very disappointed that they have not been forthcoming about this.