12000 - thread numbers/

Joyce Daniel

what is the max number of thread colors I can have w a design to embroider on the 12000?

Jim Stutsman

In the original JEF format it was 78. This coincides with the number of thread colors in the original Janome thread boxes 1, 2, and 3. I believe the JPX format increased the number to 100, maybe even 200. It's been a number of years since I looked at that, and I have slept since then.


On the 12000 you're mostly limited to the amount of stitches in a design, which is 100,000.


Joyce Daniel

78 different thread colors? Holy Molies!! I was having a hard time putting 35 together. Thanks for the info Jim.
On another note, I showed my husband the design I was doing and he asked "do you have 35 different colors of thread?" Hmmmmm.......maybe.......