12000 Bobbin Winder


Maybe you can determine if this is a real problem or just an aberration.
When trying to wind a bobbin on the 12000 yesterday this is what the machine was doing:
Threaded the thread through the winding path, engaged the bobbin clutch by moving the bobbin into position.
Hit the Start button, the bobbin began turning but the needle went up and down about 3 times, then stopped in the down position.
The bobbin winder then slowed down to snail speed.
I started the process over again several times and the same results; the needle would go up and down a few times, stop down, and bobbin winder slowed.
After about 7 tries the bobbin winder finally worked properly and it wound.
Later when I needed to wind another bobbin, it did the same thing, but this time the whole weird sequence only did it about 2 times before it behaved.
Is this a sensor problem?

Jim Stutsman

No, not a sensor problem. The clutch is sticking. I had a lot of 11000s with this problem. It may need lubrication or some adjustment may be needed in the lever that disengages it when the bobbin winder is flipped over.


Thanks Jim, I’ll take my little girl in!


Lynne Dean

One of my 12000 started doing exactly the same thing a couple of months ago.  It’s due a service later in the year so I’ll get them to fix it.  I’ve been winding bobbins on the machine on the days it won’t work, but mostly it behaves after 2 or 3 tries.