10000 issues


Here's the original thread for the problem where all this started:

Took machine to dealer/repairman and they followed the advise including taking pics when taking apart the 10000 machine. Fixed the bobbin winder and the needle going up & down per your advise. Now I have a new issue. The machine is noisier than heck. Was once a quiet machine. Feel like I did not get my machine back and have no desire to sew on it. Dealer dumbfounded on why. Made a crossbody bag. Sewed a zipper (did not sound healthy)(fabric used was denim like weight), zigzag stitched, straight stitched and I think I used various speeds. Type of noise varied through out the whole project. Any solutions on what could have caused my machine to go from a nice quiet 10000 to a pile of junk? Any and all help would be appreciated. Taking machine back in towards end of week.


Jim Stutsman

It's unlikely that you got a different machine back, but if you have the serial number of your machine you can check that. As to why it's so noisy, I have no idea - too many possibilities to even list. If the noise varies with speed, it's probably something involving one of the main shafts, but again - no way for me to even have an idea.