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Sherryl Doran

I was advised by a dealer to see if there were any upgrades for my new-to-me MC12000, since she said the previous owner of the machine may not have upgraded it. I have determined that there is an upgrade my machine does not have, Version 2.0. My machine is Version 1.1. We tried to download the upgrade to a jump drive, but it would not load onto the machine. The message said something about having the machine in "upgrade mode"? Does anyone know how to put the machine into upgrade mode? I searched through all the settings and did not find such a thing. Thanks,

[Jim, version OMG says]

The latest version for your machine is 1.2. However there is more to updating than just downloading the zip file and putting it on a USB stick. The utility in the zip file that copies the update to USB also has very detailed instructions on how to update, including how to put it in update mode.

New member, new owner of a 12000

Sherryl Doran

Hi, I have just joined this group, glad to find it. I purchased an MC 12000 on the Sew Its For Sale site just this month. I have been having fun getting to know it as I have never done machine embroidery before, just decided I'd like to give it a try. I had a DC Janome before but it didn't do embroidery and had very limited stitches. I mostly quilt, but I have a new grandbaby coming so I decided to try my hand at making some little people clothing. So far, so good. I am next going to try embellishing these little things with some embroidery and wondered if other group members have a suggestion for what thread is best to use for embroidery. Also it looks like those spools must be a certain size to fit into the thread holder depression on top of the machine so that lets out using the large cones, yes? My machine came with what looks like some kind of thread guide that was inserted into the hole where the extra spool pin (which was missing) was supposed to be. Any idea what that piece is and where it fits into the machine? Thanks for any help you can give. Sherryl

[Group Captain Jim says "Welcome!"]

This is a moderated group, which allows me to filter spam and malware. If you don't see your post right away, it just means that I am away from my computers. This rarely happens, but if it does posts may be delayed up to a couple of days. Meanwhile enjoy our luxurious clubhouse and try one of those all-chocolate cupcakes. They are unbelievable.

You will get almost as many thread recommendations as there are members. We all have our favorites. I will tell you that embroidery thread comes in two varieties: polyester and rayon. Polyester is generally preferred, as it is stronger and colorfast when washed. All brands are generally acceptable, though I would stay clear of Coats & Clark for any type of sewing. It's not your mother's thread any more, as it's now made by Chinese boll weevils in sweatshops. It has excessive lint, which sheds into your machine's tension. Any thread sold by Walmart for $1 a spool or less should also be given a pass.

The guide you found does go into the hole on top of the machine. It's used in conjunction with the thread stand that goes behind the machine. Your seller may have kept that, as it's an optional accessory that fits other models. The thread stand allows if using thread on cones.

Horizon disk and viewing my designs

Kim Cotcher


I recently bought a used Janome 15000 and am trying to learn how to use the embroidery component. I have the Artistic software and a thumb drive full of designs. Can I load the JEF designs on my laptop? What software do I use to view them? Is it possible to have a thumbnail view of each design or do you have to open each one individually? Can I print a reference sheet of the designs? Will the Janome 15000 app be helpful with these issues?


[Jim says]

If you have a Mac get StitchBuddy for viewing, editing and moving your designs to USB. For Windows use the HorizonLink Suite that comes with the machine. Our My 15000 app will help you with all aspects of using your machine, though it does not have a design viewer in it.

Bobbin Tension

Deb Keldrauk


How do I adjust the tension on a bobbin case? I know I am supposed to turn a screw is it the metal phillips head screw or the plastic flathead screw, what is each of these screws for? I would imagine that it is turn, just a hair at a time RIGHT to tighten and LEFT to loosen tension but I thought I'd ask before fiddiling.


Deb in CA

[With a mighty shriek, Jim races to the keyboard to prevent a catastrophe]

NEVER TOUCH THE PHILLIPS SCREW ON THE BOBBIN CASE! It's what holds the tension spring in the case and if you accidentally disassemble the case you're going to have a bad day. Use the flathead screw (which usually has red paint on it), turning right (clockwise) to increase tension (pull more a thread to the back) or left (counterclockwise) to reduce tension (pull more to the top). Turn no more than quarter turn at a time and test after each. If nothing is changing STOP! You will only create more problems. Put the tension back where it was and look elsewhere for the problem, usually in the thread path of the needle thread. Changing bobbin tension should be a last resort, as it is rarely the problem.

Re: MC12000 light issue

Gerry Emery

Did you pay the $59.99 for the videos?

Re: MC12000 Videos

Gerry Emery

Did you pay the $59.99 for the videos?

[From the Shameless Commerce Division Jim reports]
There are some free videos that allow people to evaluate the quality on their device, but it does require a one-time payment for full access.

Re: MC12000 light issue

Mary Ann

Thank you for the video site my12000. This has some very useful info.  I have had my machine for a year and unaware of this help.  You know use first then read directions!!!!  Or skip them altogether.



Re: Ruler foot adjustment?

juliadlf1 <no_reply@...>

Jim: Thank you for the follow-up on the Footbook IPad issue.


Re: MC12000 light issue


Thank you Diane (and Jim), turns out two of the lights were turned off. Now they are all on. That was such an easy fix, thanks for the video. The video are finding the answer super quick and convenient since I am still learning all the menus!

Happily quilting in the light thanks to Diane and Jim

Re: MC12000 light issue

Jim Stutsman

[Further enlightened by Diane, Jim reveals the correct answer]
The light is fine. It needs to be turned on in the SET screen (Common Set). If turned off there, it will still come on when you first turn on the machine. See the video on this screen here.

Re: Ruler foot adjustment?

juliadlf1 <no_reply@...>

Thanks Jim. After posting I went to the Footbook and saw the video. Should have checked there first before posting.

I do have a question though on the IPad Footbook App. I noticed now when I select a foot, the arrow for the video is barely seen on the upper left side as it is mostly hidden. I'm not sure if the column listing the feet by width got bigger thereby making it nearly impossible to see the arrow to play the video. I don't see a way I can adjust it myself. Did something change in the App update?


[Struggling with "surprises" in iOS 9.3, Jim says another update will be needed]
Nothing at all was changed in the update, but I was remiss in not checking for things that changed due to Apple. In fact the reason for the update was to fix a crash that was occurring with 9.2 on an iPad Pro. I am on the road now, but will make another update ASAP. In the meantime if you turn the iPad in the landscape direction there is no problem. If you have Rotation Lock turned on you will need to turn it off first.

Re: Best knit stitches?

Pru Joy

Phewww, good to know Jim, thanks for that explanation, I shall proceed to use the straight stretch stitch with more confidence now.


MC12000 light issue


I got my machine from the dealer used in Early Dec. I can't remember if the light was having an issue in Dec, but I haven't had time to use it again until now and the light above the harp space is not working. When I turn the machine on the light is on, but once it cycles to fully on it is not working. Doesn't sound like the bulb is out, but??? Any ideas of what I can try at home or is this a dealer issue? Thanks all, Cindy

[Finally seeing the light, Jim says]
The lights in the 12000 are not bulbs, but solid state LEDs. If it lights, then goes out, it's some kind of electronic problem. The only thing you can do is seek assistance from your dealer.

Re: Thread Cutter Question


This can also happen if your design is very dense and the thread can't pull itself back out of the needle hole (a purple tip needle can help with this) and as the hoop moves to the next spot, the thread stays in the hole until it finally frees itself. 

Re: Machine stops and starts


When you're embroidering, the machine will stop itself periodically, check the bobbin level (that is the sound that you're thinking sounds like cutting the thread - sort of) and then continue on sewing.  It does this even if you have the bobbin sensor turned off.  And I think Jim may have mentioned this but if the design has a stitch that is more than 5mm(?)long, it will sense this as a point of jump cut and it will go through its cutting routine.

Best knit stitches?

Pru Joy

I am a bit confused as to which is the best stitch for knits.  The stretch stitch on the machine is a bit slow & seems a bit intensive too.  And then there are many people who recommend using a very narrow zig zag.

I would be most interested to know what others find the better option.


[Knitting his brows, Jim stitches together this answer]

The characteristic of knit fabrics which is a challenge to sewing is the ability to stretch. This can be very important in garments worn by someone like myself who is, "ahem", spatially challenged. The stitch that you use depends on what you are doing with the knit. For example, when overcasting an edge so it wont ravel you would use an overcasting stitch, typically with the M foot. The machine will be slower on this stitch because it is a reverse cycle (stitch - back up - stitch again) stitch AND it also zig zags to cover the edge. While that may seem intensive, the end result is as close as you can get to a serged edge without using a serger. For seams use the stretch straight stitch. You can see why by stitching a small piece of knit with the regular straight stitch and then pulling on it. The stitches will likely pop. Do it again with the stretch stitch and you see that there is strength and "give" to the seam.

While you will get lots of opinions and favorites, the Applications section of your machine will always offer options for knits that you can use with confidence.

Re: Embroidery on towels without hooping


What a great idea! I had never thought of doing that!
Brenda <><

Re: Installing Acutools


Jim,  Your answer helped me to not have a long weekend after all!  I did as you said - I had already shut down and restarted a couple of times, but I checked my CD and found a small smudge that wouldn't wipe off.  I took it to the sink, turn on the warm water and put the disc under the water with a drop of detergent, rinsed it well and dried it off, shut down the computer one more time and when it restarted, I inserted the CD and it promptly installed the program again the second time - just like you said!  Thanks again!!!  Very Much!!

Re: error message re: presser foot

Jim Stutsman

[Jim suggests these possibilities:]

1. The needle plate is not fully seated on the machine. There is a circle on the plate. Press there to make sure it's all the way down.

2. The sensor for the needle plate is slightly out of adjustment. Unfortunately that involves a technician to correct, although it's a fairly quick fix.

error message re: presser foot

Becky Petersen


The message below is from Jan of this year…I can’t find the reply to it. 


What is the solution? I’m having the same issues.  Some days it is worse than others.  What do I need to do ? Do I need a different plate? I have a Janome 8900.


I usually get it when I have the single hole plate with the accufeed foot on it. I switch out and put on the zigzag plate. It is usually ok, but sometimes not.  Then, I switch it out and put on the regular presser foot with the zigzag plate – it seems much worse with the single hole plate.  But then I sometimes get it when I am just using the regular presser foot.


What can I do?  I bought it new so it is under warranty, what is wrong?  I live in Europe and I seem to be unable to communicate effectively with the repair people where I bought it (on the other side of the country from where I am so it has to be shipped).  What is causing this and what is the fix?



Becky Petersen




I continually get a message asking me to make sure the proper presser foot is attached. This happens no matter what foot I am using. Right now I have the 1/4" foot on and sometimes I can't sew more than a couple stitches without the message appearing. I have made sure the needle is in properly, everything is clean, restarting the machine, changing the speed.  Is there some adjustment I can make to prevent this from happening? 

Thanks for your help!   - Carol


Hitting a few keys, words start appearing and Jim says:

There is an adjustment that your dealer can make for this. It's a misadjusted sensor.

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