Re: question about 15000 threading

Jim Stutsman

The lock function was added when the machine gained the ability to raise and lower the presser foot by itself. In prior models, the mechanics of raising the presser foot also opened the tension disks for threading. That's not always the case with the 12000 and 15000, as the raise/lower action is now separate from the opening of the tension disks. When you engage the lock, you are also opening the tension disks for threading. Without the lock, it's possible to thread the machine without the thread actually going into the tension, and we all know what a fun time that causes. Think of the lock as the price you have to pay for the convenience of automatic foot lifting.

Re: Installing MBX 4.5 on my MacBook Pro

Jim Stutsman

It sounds like they sent you the wrong thing, though we're still waiting for our upgrade so I can't be sure. The 4.5 upgrade should come with a DVD to install the new version. What you got, I think, is just an update to the dongle to enable the cutwork feature once you get 4.5.

Re: Installing MBX 4.5 on my MacBook Pro

Cheryl Paul

Jim, my upgrade came in the mail yesterday morning. I was really surprised as it was here in about 30 hours from my request to have it mailed from a city 70 miles from me. However, my surprise was that it was the “Cutwork add-on” rather than 4.5. This I discovered AFTER taking the wrapping off the program and going to open the box. No problem, as I’ll keep it and wait for the next upgrade to 5.0 IF that happens in the fall. I was told that this add-on would work with 4.0 but I don’t see any change to the program after doing the installation, updating the dongle and so on. Can you tell me what I should be seeing and what the version should be when I go to the HELP and About Digitizer? I am very puzzled as I don’t see any on-line manual and there is nothing at all for instructions besides the ones to do the upgrade.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Re: question about 15000 threading

Cheryl Paul

Hi Julie,

I think that the "lock" function is just something that we will need to get used to and live with for now.  If we request Janome to change it, they might listen.  I don't find the lock nearly as annoying as to remember to "unlock" when I'm finished threading and want to start sewing.  I am getting used to it though.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Re: adjustable bias-binder foot

Nicole Schmidt-Nutt

Yes there are two different ones.  The one I purchased is the binder quilt set.  Haven't used it yet but am excited to give it try this weekend.  It check it out on you tube. Here is the link:

On Thursday, December 19, 2013 9:21 AM, "" wrote:
I saw the adjustable bias-binder foot used on Sewing With Nancy and ordered one from Amazon only to find it fits low shank machines and not my 12000. Is there a foot like this that fits our machines? it looked like it did an amazing job of attaching the binding all at once.

adjustable bias-binder foot


I saw the adjustable bias-binder foot used on Sewing With Nancy and ordered one from Amazon only to find it fits low shank machines and not my 12000. Is there a foot like this that fits our machines? it looked like it did an amazing job of attaching the binding all at once.

Re: sewing fleece

Smith Sarah Ann <sarahannsmith@...>

You might also have luck reducing the presser foot pressure, also, but good to hear the strips of tearaway worked. I've also heard of folks using adding machine tape for a stabilizer for straight line stitching….that might work also and cost less than the tearaway, but it is obviously limited to a narrow "path."

Cheers, Sarah

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Re: Digitizer problem

Jim Stutsman

Digitizer MBX 4.0 was released with the 12000, and thus has no support for the 15000. You can create designs in it for the 15000 by choosing the 12000 as the target machine, since they use the same hoops. However you will not be able to send designs to the machine by USB cable or WiFi, since they are not compatible. Sending designs to a USB flash drive will work.

It sounds like your Digitizer installation may be somewhat mangled. DO NOT attempt to uninstall it, as that will require some substantial work to completely remove it. Instead try downloading the latest update and choose "Repair" from the installation menu. If Repair is not an option, do that with the installation DVD and then install the latest update again.

Ideally you would want to get the Digitizer MBX 4.5 upgrade, which is made for the 15000.

Digitizer problem

Terry Carter

I wonder if someone smarter than me can give me some advice.
I have sent a message to Janome but as yet have no reply.

I traded in for a 15000 and it is a great machine. I installed Horizon Link and shortly after that Digitzer MBX "froze up" May not have be related but it was working fine before that. I took the computer in to the dealer and the gal there who does a lot of the computer stuff felt that she had fixed it.

When I brought it home I had some problems again and over the phone she told me to go to Janomes site and download the upgrade again.
I did and it opens now except that Design Gallery comes up with a question mark on each of the designs and does not open properly.
When I check the version on my computer it is 4.0 Also when choosing a machine 15000 does not show.

Do you think that I should uninstall everything and start again? I will phone Janome when I have time but cannot do that right now. I am running Windows 7.
Thanks a lot ,
Terry in Calgary.

question about 15000 threading


For those of you that have a 15000 machine – are you able to turn off that “lock” that it makes you do just to thread the machine?  I looked at the machine on Saturday and felt like I was going back in time for having to push more buttons to accomplish different tasks.  So….any time you thread the machine, you have to “lock” the machine first?  Just wondering if there is an option and you can turn that off and do it a faster way.  



Re: Installing MBX 4.5 on my MacBook Pro

Jim Stutsman

The biggest risk you face is Windows 7. You are allowed only 2 "activations", so if you reinstall parallels and create a new virtual machine you may find that it cannot be activated without a call to Microsoft in India.

Once  your Windows 7 VM is created run Windows Update repeatedly until it doesn't find anything more to do. I'm assuming that you will be installing the 4.5 upgrade rather than a new product. Since that involves updating the dongles, make the dongle is connected to the virtual machine's USB when the installer prompts for it to be plugged in. This update is a one-time event that updates the dongle so that it will function with 4.5. Once you've done that then you just install the software.

Re: Little thread thingy on a 12000?


Your dealer can order just the thread guide which is included with the optional thread stand.

Re: Best for cutwork?


As I'm sure most of you know-the 15000 has a item in the set menu where you can turn off the upper thread sensor which is exactly for this purpose

Installing MBX 4.5 on my MacBook Pro

Cheryl Paul

Hi Jim,

Do you have any advise to give on installing MBX 4.5 on my MacBook Pro?  My copy is coming in the mail any day and I had problems with MBX 4.0 as I didn't uninstall Ver. 3 first.  I ended up taking off Parallels and Windows 7 off and reinstalling everything - not an easy task and always something is lost.


Cheryl - Saskatoon  

Re: Little thread thingy on a 12000?

blue_lak <no_reply@...>

I assume that the USB1 and USB2 designations are analogous to drive C and drive D on our computers. When we want the machine to find a file, we have to tell it which "drive" to look in. 
Jan in MD

Re: Little thread thingy on a 12000?

Kaye Lessard

I bought mine by itself for my mc11

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sewing fleece


Hi all, I had problems sewing my quilt using fleece as a backing , I read the manual and made sure I had the walking foot on ,it just kept doing tiny stitches and creating thread nests .

Altered the stitch length , slowed the machine down with no success . I decided the fleece was being trapped by the feed dogs . So I cut strips of machine embroidery tearaway and pinned them on and hey presto my usual lovely sewing stitches .It was easy to tear away .

Hope this helps anyone having this problem . Barbara

Visual of needle and bobbin at work

Joyce Fite

We all know this is how the needle and bobbin work together but this graphic is an excellent visual.

Re: Little thread thingy on a 12000?

Laura Catto (Brayford)

Yes it does and I got mine when I bought the 5 thread spool holder Laura

Re: Little thread thingy on a 12000?


The small square thread guide that you are talking about is a part of the threadstand that is an optional purchase for the 12,000.
The designs for the machine must be placed in the folder that is created when you format your USB stick.
We have 2 Usb slots for no other reason I believe except you can choose either or.

In a message dated 12/17/2013 6:16:27 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, mdaniel@... writes:

Does the 12000 have that little square opening in the top where the silver little square thread guide thingy goes and if so, where can I get one of those guides? 

Also, can the 12000 use just a USB stick with a Jef design on it inserted into the side of the machine? 
Why are there two USB slots? 
Why does the book refer to USB 1 and USB 2?
I am reading the book and watching the DVD that came with the machine and am away from home and had these two questions.
Thanks! Joyce