Re: Needle threader problem on the 15000

Jim Stutsman

There are two possible adjustments to fix this. First the needle bar height needs to be checked. If the needle bar is slightly too low the threader won’t hit the eye. If the needle bar is at the right height, then it may not be stopping at the highest point. That can also be adjusted. Neither adjustment is difficult, and both are in the Janome service manual.

Re: Needle threader problem on the 15000


Jim, thanks for the instructions.

You may have addressed this in the past, but my needle threader issue involves having to raise the needle ever so slightly in order for the needle threader to thread the needled.  Brand and size does not matter.  Technician says there's no adjust that can be made.  Seem to recall you saying that this is an adjustment that the tech could make.  

Can you shed some insight on this?

On Monday, February 1, 2021, 09:10:20 AM PST, William D Lawson <lawsonfox@...> wrote:

With Jim’s excellent directions, I fixed my needle threader!!  He is amazing. Now I can finish my Snowman Christmas Tree Skirt.  Thank you so very much!

Back to the sewing room. 🥰🤪🙃😍😄

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On Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 11:12 AM, William D Lawson <lawsonfox@...> wrote:

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is safe and healthy.  Quilting has been
my “sanity saver” during this time of isolation.  

I have been working on an embroidered Christmas Tree skirt with LOTS of thread changes.

My threader has always worked perfectly until yesterday.  I know some have had problems 
from the beginning. I’ve seen suggestions for slightly bending your hook so that it hits the hole 
correctly but I don’t know how to keep the threader in the down position so I can adjust it. 

Jim, is this something I can do on my own or should I just take it in?  My repair man is really backed up.
My machine would be sitting in the shop for 5 to 6 weeks.  I would be lost without it for that long. Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for being here for us. We all really appreciate all you do.
Gwen Lawson

ps....  I recently purchased a Quilt Maker Pro 18 with Prostitcher Premium and it is amazing!!!
 I am such a happy quilter.

Re: Servicing an 11000


I too have an 11000 which had been stored in side (in a Tutto case) for over a year with no use.  At Christmas when my 15000 had an issue, the 11000 was brought out of hibernation.  Turned it own and the error message "Raise Pressure Foot and Needle Bar, then power on again" popped up.  Of course, following these steps did not help.  Took machine in for service and after getting it back did not use for a couple months.  Low and behold there was that same error message again.  Might mention that gear cycling doesn't sound like a recall it sounding like.  I can turn the machine on/off 3-5 times and the message no longer appears.  Until it sits for a day or two.  Spoke with the technician and was told it was the A-motor (?) going out.  Cost to replace approximately $700.  Possibly??

In the mean time, I had watched a Facebook video clip by a dealer who's husband is a technician and this exact issue was mentioned.  They indicated that this is a common problem with machines that have sat inactive for long periods of time whereby the lubrication in the motor (??) become thick (dry/hard/????).  To me this sounds likely.  What is involved to resolve this, I don't know.  

Undoubtedly, I'd like to have this fixed as I'd like to sell the machine.

Jim, can you shed any further light and/or direction on this issue?

On Sunday, January 24, 2021, 09:41:35 AM PST, Cheryl Paul <capaul@...> wrote:


Hopefully that dealer didn't take the machine apart and ruin it.  I'd collect it as soon as possible, take it to your original dealer's technician, get a detailed invoice of what he/she does to the 11000.  I'd then be tempted to take it back to the "bad guy" and show him/her what scammers they are.

I like you gave my 11000 to my daughter back in 2014 or so and she runs it with no issues.  I almost got myself into a pickle here as I also gave my MC6000 another daughter for a wedding gift, as it was better than most new machines of the price I'd get to sell it - that was in 2004, and she still uses that machine to hem her pants, mend what needs mending and I KNOW that machine hasn't been in for a service since I had it serviced to give to her.  As for the 11000, I also know that it hasn't been in either and both work just fine.  Yours should too if that twit hasn't messed with it.  

I hope that you can get this resolved so that your daughter can enjoy lots of "good" sewing and embroidery with her gift from you.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Re: Table for the M7


Re the Linmon table top and legs. My opinion after looking at the pictures on the website is that the tabletop itself would probably be fine. I'm 100% certain that the legs would not be sturdy enough to protect the table from a lot of vibration. With the weight of our machines and the movement of them we really need a sturdy base.
When our shop was open for classes our classroom had a variety of sewing tables. The older ones were not sturdy enough to contain the vibration, and our students used to get to class early to get the newer, larger and sturdier tables!
Re the height for sewing, sitting or standing, I personally could never stand up to sew but I know people who do it.
I think it would be fine to stand up for embroidering and some of the tables for the multi-needle machines are high to do that.


Re: Presser Foot Error

Jim Stutsman

That error is a catch-all that indicates one of the self tests has failed. If the chattering is very loud it might be due to the embroidery unit not being able to verify its home position. After turning the machine off, take the embroidery unit off and see if you still get the error. If that clears the error there may be debris inside the carriage. If you still get the error then it could be one of 3 different sensors that is blocked by lint, or has failed. You'll need dealer assistance with that.

Presser Foot Error


I have the Horizon 12000. When I turn the machine on I get an error code, “Raise Presser Foot and Needle Bar, then turn power on again.” After doing as instructed, it chatters, then gives me the same message. I’ve tried at least five times, putting the Needle Bar in various positions; one time unplugging the machine to make sure I have a full reset. The results were the same, a chatter, and the message reappears. I fear it’s a major repair! Anyone have ideas or suggestions?

Re: Miracle Stitcherl


Lynnette, I have found a Bernina video on the miracle stitcher. It seems easy and looks really beautiful, I have not tried yet but I loved the video. This is the link:

El jueves, 4 de febrero de 2021 04:40:37 p. m. CST, Lynnette Johnson via <ljstitcher@...> escribió:
Marie, the foot pictured on the right is the one I have in my kit.  Sadly, for all the time I have owned it, I never opened up the kit and give the technique a spin. But I seem to recall it is motion quilting/sketching with yarn—couching.  I could never get into moving a hoop around with my hands to form a design or couch.  Guess I got frustrated too fast with the stitches not being the same size and gave up.  Hence the reason I found the kit hiding in the closet!

Re: Miracle Stitcher

Lynnette Johnson

Thanks Jim for the info. Unbelievable how much our machines have changed since the 8000.

Re: Miracle Stitcherl

Lynnette Johnson

Marie, the foot pictured on the right is the one I have in my kit. Sadly, for all the time I have owned it, I never opened up the kit and give the technique a spin. But I seem to recall it is motion quilting/sketching with yarn—couching. I could never get into moving a hoop around with my hands to form a design or couch. Guess I got frustrated too fast with the stitches not being the same size and gave up. Hence the reason I found the kit hiding in the closet!

Table for the M7



Ok, so I am setting up the sewing room to accomodate my new machines.  I see many people online using those linnmon table tops either on legs or drawer sets.  Are they stronger either to support the weight of the M7 without a lot of vibration?  I currently use the cranking adjustable 47 by 23.5 table for the 12000, this table has some vibration.

I am limited on space so I am thinking quilting suspension frame instead of a large cabinent.

Is anyone out there sewing and quilting at more of a counterheight rather that the traditional table height?


Re: The long-awaited Quilt Binder video

Suzi Bohannon

Thank you for great information.  Would the binding foot work ok my 9450 QCP also.  It seems the attachment foot would be extremely useful.

On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 5:08 PM Jim Stutsman via <> wrote:
And trying again, this time on YouTube:
I'm not crazy about Google getting a little richer with our video, but at least everyone should be able to see it here.

Re: The long-awaited Quilt Binder video

Jim Stutsman

Re: The long-awaited Quilt Binder video

Randi Kemper

Hi Jim,
I know this has been asked 1000 times but what kind of Ipad do I need to go with my 15000. I had an old one but it was the one that was given to me when I bought the machine. I don't want to spend very much I do have the Iphone 8+--
Randi Kemper
Magical Machine Embroidery

Re: The long-awaited Quilt Binder video

Randi Kemper

Great video!


Thank you!


Randi Kemper



Randi Kemper
Magical Machine Embroidery

Re: The long-awaited Quilt Binder video

Jim Stutsman

Oh Deb, that was a long time ago and I have slept since then. I *think* I marked that foot out because originally there was no binder attachment for the 9mm machines and that was a 7mm foot. So, yes, if you bought the binder for your specific machine, then you can use the included foot. But if you have a 9mm model and bought the binder for a 7mm machine, don't use it.

And proving once again that memory is the first thing to go: I have been advised that my answer was 100% wrong. It has nothing to do with 7mm vs 9mm. Because the binder attaches in place of the bobbin cover, there are different versions for different families of machines. The foot was marked out because it does not work well on machines with AcuFeed. The AcuFeed feet included with those machines work much better. You can still use the foot provided, but you may have better luck with AcuFeed.

Re: Miracle Stitcherl


I have mine too but I have two Miracle Stitcher attachments I bought more than 10 years ago and do not know how to use them. 

El martes, 2 de febrero de 2021 07:20:47 a. m. CST, Teressa Sisemore via <teressasewsabit@...> escribió:

Oooh, I still have mine too.  😁


Re: The long-awaited Quilt Binder video

Deb K.

Hi Jim,
I viewed the video, as always great job thanks to both of you. I have to admit that I have this expensive attachment but have never used it on my 15000 or my M7, I have feared turning corners, and like the idea of doubled fabric over the edge of the quilt. I do believe I saw somewhere a technique with the attachment that uses a double fold binding, that for another day. ONE QUESTION, I see you have marked out the accompanying foot, like Diane I would probably rather use the hp AccuFeed foot but does the provided foot work, or is it something that I should NOT use? Just wondering if I should just put it away somewhere.
Thanks for all
Deb K

Re: The long-awaited Quilt Binder video


I have the Quilt Binder and love it. It takes a bit of practice on larger quilt projects. I was using the foot included with the binder but I saw that Diane was using the Acufeed Flex Straight Stitch HP2 foot so I may try that once we move into our new place and I get the sewing room set up. Thanks Diane and Jim for the update.

Re: The long-awaited Quilt Binder video


Fantastic video, great job Diane. 
Vicki S

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Subject: Re: [onlinesewing-janome] The long-awaited Quilt Binder video
It's not actually a quilt, but a placemat. I've attached some photos.

Re: New machines- M7 and 550E

Cat - N

If you are "happy and overwhelmed at the same time" then it must be possible...LOL Congratulations on your new M7 / 550E combo...what a wonderful surprise! 

- Cat (FL)

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