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Sandie Williamson <stitchin211@...>

I am in US, contacted my dealer last week & have now received a link for the mantal for the updated 15000 that includes addendum but I believe that's for the workbook anyway & if you can workout buying the Quiltmaker WWorkbook for 15000, it includes that addendum.
I did get tge free link for updated 15000 at no charge & I assume you'd have access to that from your dealer. It is 198 pages. My dealer sent an added link that covers how one connects the machine to your machine, etc.
I hope you can work it out. Since I don't know if there are differences in how UK links are written, I'm not including the link here. I wish you luck in getting both.
In US, the Quiltmaker Workbook (includes addendum) is on sale on Amazon for $59.95 

Re: 15000 V3 workbook

Cheryl Paul

I bought the workbook - just the machine part - there are a few addendums that are also in a nice binder but separate to order. I paid approximately $150.00 for a binder full of shiny paper - I really don’t think it is worth the money. Jim and Diane’s My 15000 APP will give you all you need and a projects as well to show you how to do things. Save your pennies for a upgrade in software or a new machine if it comes out in the next year or two. That’s my 2 cents worth.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

magnet clips for hoop

Gladys Miller

Are there magnetic clips for the S9 machine embroidery hoop?  If not, sure wish there were!

Re: 15000 V3 workbook

Donna Morton

For those looking for information on the MC 15000 (and many other topics) check out and and sign up for Janome Life.  This is a blog by the Canadian educators.  A recent post covered the workbooks:
If you are looking for projects try following the Janome US blog
Donna M

Re: Appreciate group


I really appreciate this group as well!!!Emoji

Donna Strode

On Sunday, January 20, 2019, 6:44:00 PM EST, Pixey via Groups.Io <pixeyam@...> wrote:

I just want to take a moment and say how much I appreciate Jim and this group.  I was working on a dog collar yesterday evening on my 6600 and a hard buckle piece slipped and got in the way of the needle.  It was immediately followed by machine making grinding, groaning, snapping sounds and sewer making cursing and moaning sound accompanied by the sinking feeling of a pending trip to the repair shop.

However, thanks to what I have learned in this group, I knew how to clean and check everything for damage (including bobbin race), turn things off to reset timing, etc.  Appears no harm done and I was able to take a break to let nerves recover and come back to finish the collar.

The commercial collars do not fit my Shih Tzu well because she has a thick, short neck.



L.C. Northcutt

Just to say we mananaged to get a NEW full version of 5.5 just before Christmas here in Kent, UK.
We are still awaiting news re the upgrade from V5.

Re: T-shirt Blanket

Jollyne Toste

This is fantastic! Such a great job of making a piece of art and including soooo many T-shirts.
I made one or my oldest son and it was so heavy, I vowed never to make another…… Of course he has a bunch more t-shirts he’d like me to make another quilt with.
I will definitely use a layout similar to yours if I get up the nerve to make another:)))
Thank-you for sharing such beautiful work.
Walnut Creek, CA

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Re: 15000 V3 workbook


What is even worst we rarely receive any info or newsletter.  I can remember when we would not only get weekly or bi-weekly newsletters and Jim do you remember the Janome Digest.  It was full of information and projects.  Yes there was a fee but it was well worth the  few dollars. I still have just about everyone in a notebook since the 1996.

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Janome America will be offering V5.5 as an upgrade from V5, but as you have discovered, it may be a different story in UK. This dichotomy exists because Janome Tokyo allows the MD (CEO in US lingo) of each country decides what will be sold. I suspect that's because they assume someone local will be more familiar with the market, but the burden of meeting sales goals and achieving bonuses usually outweighs what the local customers might want.

New video for the week of January 21, 2019

Jim Stutsman

This video is a re-master of the AcuEdit video in the My 15000 app. It includes the use of Dropbox and iOS 12, as well as the latest version of the AcuEdit app.

Re: 15000 V3 workbook

Jim Stutsman

Janome America will be offering V5.5 as an upgrade from V5, but as you have discovered, it may be a different story in UK. This dichotomy exists because Janome Tokyo allows the MD (CEO in US lingo) of each country decides what will be sold. I suspect that's because they assume someone local will be more familiar with the market, but the burden of meeting sales goals and achieving bonuses usually outweighs what the local customers might want.

Re: 15000 V3 workbook

Lyn Quine

Thank you for the information I have indeed sent an email to Janome, the list of items that the British market misses out on increases.  I won’t bother trying to get a Janome branded stylus it would probably cost more, I’ll buy from Amazon.  I’ve tried using AcuSketch but fingertips aren’t the same as a stylus, I use a tablet and pen with V5 most of the time..  But sometimes  it would be good to play on the iPad.

Do you know if the V5.5 is available as an upgrade or is it just the full program?  

I feel Janome treat us like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed on....

Re: 15000 V3 workbook

Jim Stutsman

Digitizer MBX V5.5 is an interesting product. It apparently was ready for sale back in March of last year. Janome US & Canada released Artistic Digitizer, and there was speculation that they were abandoning MBX. That sparked Wilcom, author of MBX, to offer their own product Hatch at a reduced price. Janome America then responded that they were definitely going to have V5.5 and it was ordered. Meanwhile V5.5 has been available in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden since November ( You might consider pointing out to Janome UK that Scandanavia is a much smaller market than UK, but has a better product offering.

Regarding the stylus, it actually is available in UK for 10 quid. The only thing lacking is the Janome logo painted on it. Here's where to get it on Amazon UK:
We have the same one here, also from Amazon, and it works a treat.

15000 V3 workbook

Lyn Quine

Hi thanks for adding me to the forum.  I’m in the UK, and I’m reading a lot about the workbook and the addendum for the V3 upgrade.  We can’t get the workbook in the UK it’s deemed there’s no market for it.  As we have never seen it, can someone tell me what it is, it is like the manual but more comprehensive or is it a book of projects?  Is it a book of different techniques, what is the workbook.  

Also so can I ask does anyone here know anything about a new upgrade for the V5 software?  I’ve been advised by someone who knows about these th8ngs that there has been an upgrade launched somewhere in the world, but I can’t find it.  Janome UK say they’ve no idea what I’m talking about, I’ve even emailed Japan asking if there will be a worldwide launch so that is Brits can buy it, but got no reply.  

To be honest a lot of us in the UK feel let down, because anything that comes out from Janome doesn’t see the UK market,  the latest software, Aritista, the Janome stylus for the iPad, and the V5 upgrade (if it exists, and I was told it will be launched in the new year........ no it hasn’t) and the workbooks, none of those have reached our shores.  If it’s because there’s no market in the UK, well if we knew it was available there might be.  Is there anyone who can shed some light on it please,

Re: New file uploaded to


Would like a photo of the pouch pdf. or where to find it. Thx

Re: Hi again!


Unsubscribe can happen if your email from a group has gone into your spam folder.
It has happened to several people in another .io group (that we're both on) Anne. As a Co-owner of that group I get the notifications from .io when it occurs to members.

Re: T-shirt Blanket


Agree with all your suggestion.  Here is what I did with so many shirts to be included....


On Jan 21, 2019, at 8:22 AM, Judi Rutherford <willwork4fabric@...> wrote:

Iron on interfacing is definitely the way to go.  The t-shirts will stretch al over the place if you don’t stabilize them.  I would also suggest you reconsider using t-shirts on both sides.  T-shirt quilts get very heavy.  

As for sashing or not it depends on your design wishes.  I like the quilts that have a design element with sashing and larger and smaller blocks rather than x number of t-shirts lined up row by row but that is my taste and not necessarily that of anyone else.  Look at Pinterest and see which layouts make you smile.  I was going to say “feel joy” but that phrase is a bit overdone at the moment :-).


Re: T-shirt Blanket


Absolutely back t-shirts
I personally like sashing as it gives definitions to each shirt. 
My son had SOOO many shirts he wanted to get the most “bang for the buck”, this is his quilt I just finished. Might give you some ideas...just say’in’

On Jan 20, 2019, at 9:13 PM, ksd16a <lovetokraftkathy@...> wrote:

Hi again everyone.
I got soooooooooooo many wonderful and amazing ideas in response to my earlier request for something to make for my cheerleader granddaughter and her cheer squad. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! Now to decide which item(s) to make them.....
Now I have another question - I have lots of t-shirts and want to make a two sided t-shirt blanket/quilt for my sons. There are so many options and have watched lots of videos and not sure what to do. Is it best to iron on interfacing or just use the shirts as they are? Best to add sashing or just sew the shirts together? I would prefer to sew the front and back rather than tie them. I don't have a long-arm so can't quilt them easily.. I have lots of my own shirts so I can practice on those as a test before I make the blankets for them. I would very much appreciate any suggestions or ideas from anyone who has made them.
Have a blessed week everyone!

Quilt Maker Ver 3 Manuals and Workbooks

JoAnn Novak

Thank you!

My dealer has a class for the updates but I was babysitting for a great grandson & could not attend.  This is so great.


Life's biggest decision is what you do with Jesus.

The Quilt Maker manual is available as a PDF download:

The “My 15000” app has been updated with the new feet for some time, as has the FootBook app.

Re: T-shirt Blanket

Barbara Anderson <Bander6477@...>

The last one I made as a rag quilt with designs on both sides.  I didn’t use any interfacing.  One layer of flannel.

New Machine?

J Fraker

Does anyone know if Janome is going to have a new embroidery machine out any time soon?  If so, any idea of new features?

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