Tension and Excitement about Update hope for threader

Deb Keldrauk

I complained of tension issues while FMQ a few weeks back and now I am trying out a in the hoop bag and am also finding tension issues in embroidery mode. I am using the yellow dot bobbin and have the tension all the way up to max and finally getting a passable stitch. I have never had these problems so I guess it's time for an adjustment. I hope I can wait for the BIG UPDATE, get a service at that time and come home with a "new machine".

All of the update talk really has me excited. I am a quilter and the new foot and plate sound like the answer to one of my problems. I have yet to find a sure fire, 1/4" piecing solution, with any foot and single hole plate combo. When I sew triangular or any piecing that starts at the tip (point) of the pieces if I am not careful things get jammed down into the machine. I have asked several times here if anyone has figured out how to use a 1/4" foot with the single hole plate and for some reason my question is always misunderstood.

My needle threader is not working AGAIN, after it's last adjustment it only worked for a few sewing sessions. So it's back to the handy manual threader. I tried to auto thread a 70/10 needle and that was all she wrote. I am SUPER ANXIOUS to know if its true that they have come up with an new threader that will come with the update so if anyone knows for sure please let me know.

Re: new Janome items

Bernie Giannotti


Thank you for sharing your email regarding the update for the Janome 15000. Great information!


Re: Janome updates

Anne Parker

I agree with you Ruth - I downloaded it then too.

I'm wondering if they just haven't published the machine update yet - as if you look at the Bulletin for the AcuStitch Tool, this is a new tool in Horizon Link Suite v1.31 for MC15000 Quilt Maker but there is no update to Horizon Link Suite v1.31 on the Global site yet. So maybe both the machine update and the Horizon Link Suite update will be on the site soon.

I must admit I thought I read on here that some people were already using the profession plate and foot - though of course they won't have the machine update that greys out everything except for stitches to the left of the machine, plus a few other updates - a tapering section and I think an addition to the applications - but don't quote me!!


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new Janome items

Maria Morrow <mariamorrowquilter@...>

Hello All,

Here's some info from my favorite Janome dealer. He's awesome. He gives the best customer service!  I didn't even buy my 15000 from him and he helps me. 

You can order anything from him. If you live outside of Texas, no sales tax. Also free shipping if you spend $50 or more. 

He has a whole wall of AccuQuilt dies and a ton of supplies besides machines!


On Aug 8, 2017, at 6:11 PM, Mark <mark@...> wrote:

#1. Janome has brought out an update to your MC15,000. I will email you when I get the stuff in and you can come by with the machine next time you are over this way and we will do the update...This update includes a new presser foot shank and embroidery P foot. This is a free of charge update so you will not be charged anything for this.
They also have some new presser feet that work with the machine upgrade. This is a set of 5 feet and 1 needle plate. This is priced at $149

#2 Janome is introducing a new professional machine model# 6700P. This is a 1200 stitch per minute machine with the accu-feed flex walking foot system. It is a heavy duty machine designed for the person who sews for a living. Retail for the machine is $3799 and is going to have an introductory price of $3299.

There are also some new apps for the MC15000 on i-tunes that you can download.

#3  Janome has a new digitizer software coming out call Artistic Digitizer Software. It combines their digitizing, cutting, crystal, applique and stencil software all into one.

#4 They have a new product called the weightless quilter. This is a device that sits around your machine and it holds your quilt for you sew you do not have all the weight of the fabric down towards the floor. This is used when you are free motion sewing a quilt on your machine. It floats left and right and back and forth "sew" it moves with your motion. Sells for $299

They also have a bunch of new accessories for their long arm quilting machines.

Thanks for the email and if you need anything let me know. Have a fantastic week and stay dry over there!!

Oh and if your friend wants one of those machines just have her give me a call and I will be happy to set her up with it.

Talk to you soon!

Mark Wynn
Sew Vac City
3800 state Hwy 6 South
Suite 100
College Station, TX 77845


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Judy Van Kalken

Will that new ruler set work on the 12000?

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It's possible that it will, but there is no indication that they will be doing an update to the 12000. At this point we just don't have enough information. Your dealers will know much more after they have attended Janome Institute.

Re: Janome updates

audrey chase <Contessa@...>

Anyone know anything about a new needle threader being fitted F.O.C. for the 15000?



I have purchased the Ruler Foot and Open Toe Frame #83 76734005 and Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set #202146001.  It now appears that Janome has a new Ruler Work Foot (QR) as part of the the Quilt Maker Accessory Upgrade Kit.  This would then make the prior to item unnecessary?

The ruler foot sold in the Frame Quilting Set was developed for the 1600P series of machines that are often used on quilting frames. Owners of embroidery machines, such as the 15000, discovered that it fit nicely on the Convertible Free Motion set. However if the height of the convertible foot holder was set too high, it could collide with the machine when lifted by the automatic foot lifter - if the latter was also set high. It appears that Janome has realized that the popularity of the foot justified making a set of accessories that could transform the 15000 into a quilting model. Obviously the parts you have purchased will continue to work, but if you get the full upgrade package for your machine your original ruler foot will be redundant. The convertible free motion set will still be a valid addition though.

On Wednesday, July 5, 2017 1:36 PM, "iambcdrom@... [janome12000]" wrote:

Thank you Jim. Now to go in an argue with my dealer.  I had the correct numbers to begin with and they said no, the one the sold was correct--

Thanks again, don't know what we'd do without you.


Re: Janome updates

Ruth Callachor

The update for the Horizon MC15000 to version 2.11 has been out since December 2015. That is when I updated my Machine. It is for the Embroidery Couching and they also bought out a new foot.

Re: Urgent Help Required Please...

Judy Albert

Did you try a 90/14 topstitch needle? Also try a different brand of thread

Re: sashiko

Pam Davison

Have used sulky 12 wt, blue dot bobbin (one or free motion I believe), and regular needle plate.


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I want to do the sashiko stitch on a basket to be appliqued on my block.   What is the heaviest weight thread you've used in the bobbin (I'm using Superior mono-poly invisible in top)?

Which bobbin case and needle plate?



Re: are there any Janome 14000 owners out there

Jill Kenyon <jpkenyon@...>

I have the 14000 which is terrific.  I'm curious, though, if any of the current upgrades will apply to our machines🤔

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are there any Janome 14000 owners out there


Please if you have a Janome 14000, please respond and maybe we can compare notes on this machine. 


Kathy in TX



I want to do the sashiko stitch on a basket to be appliqued on my block.   What is the heaviest weight thread you've used in the bobbin (I'm using Superior mono-poly invisible in top)?

Which bobbin case and needle plate?



A pieced sewing machine block


I am beginning to decorate my new studio space and looking for a pieced block that resembles our Janome 15000. I would have swore I have seen one posted somewhere but a long search has resulted in no such block. Any suggestions out there?

Connie S.

Re: Urgent Help Required Please...

Judi Rutherford

The fact that the first 8” are fine then it has issues suggests the quilt might be “dragging” The weight of the quilt is working against you and the machine. Be sure you have as much of the quilt as possible support by the table so the feed dogs can move the quilt without it pulling. If you have the quilt in your lap try putting your ironing board at the same height (or as close as possible) to the sewing machine height and resting the quilt on that so it flows better through the machine. Keep the quilt in loosely in front of you so the feedbags can do their job.


Re: Urgent Help Required Please...


Another issue is that your needle may be too small. Try a size 14 or possibly even 16 to go through the multiple layers.
The serpentine stitch and other stitches that are fairly simple, in other words that are mostly forward moving designs, can be used with the Acu-flex foot. The open toe version works well to see where you're going. Also, the quilting bars do fit into the back slot on the Acu-flex holder, be aware that they're a little tight fit, so insert them gently.

S9 Embroidery issues

JoAnn Novak

  I disagree with your dealer.      JoAnn

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On 8/9/2017 7:28 AM, Toni Valenstein tenquilt@... [janome12000] wrote:
I know that I need to use the water soluble stabilizer on anything with a nap, but I was embroidering on plain cotton, and my dealer said that I must use it with ANY type of fabric!

Hilton Head, SC

Sounds like your dealer likes to sell lots of water soluble stabilizer!

Re: Janome updates

Cheryl Paul

This link takes you to the download page of the 15000 update.  I’m not sure what else is coming but if I understand correctly there is to be a dealer update as well - this will probably have a cost as there may be something extra that needs to be purchased and installed by a Janome technician to use the new needle plate and foot, as something changes to allow the 15000 to read the information for positioning of the needle for sewing that precise straight quilt stitching line when piece, etc.

At least some part of the upgrade/update is still free.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Re: Urgent Help Required Please...

Karen Price

PS  There doesn't appear to be any "gumming up" of the needle.

Re: Urgent Help Required Please...

Karen Price


Thank you for your response.

I'm using 100% cotton quilting fabrics, Moda, Wyndam etc, for the background and appliqué, including Heat and Bond Lite, 100% batting, Aurifil 50wt thread, and Spoonflower printed Kona Cotton Ultra for the backing fabric, along with a new Smetz Quilting needle 75/11.

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