Re: Quilt in the Hoop ap

Audrey Chase <Contessa@...>

How is the design transferred from the Ipad to the machine please?


Sent from Mail for Windows 10


There are many options:

1 - Using an external iPad (4 or later) compatible USB device (Prefer SanDisk iXpand)

2 - Save to iCloud Drive (Use PC to copy to USB)

3 - Save to DropBox (Use PC to copy to USB)

4 - Save to Microsoft OneDrive (Use PC to copy to USB)

5 - Open in AcuEdit app, send to machine (S9 or 15000 only)

6 - Open in AcuDesign and export using one of the options in that app

embroidering text on a towel

Vikki Youngmeyer

I’ve been asked by a friend to put her dog’s name and titles on a hand towel. I’ve done monograms and stitched out designs on towels, but am a bit of a loss as to how to handle her request. The name is long and the list of titles is even longer! I have the 15000 and all the hoops. Thought I would ask the list first for suggestions before reinventing the wheel!


Thanks in advance for any help!





Madeira Threads

Meryl Margolies

I have a good amount of Madeira embroidery thread that I bought quite a while ago for a Baltimore Album quilt, which I never finished. I'm trying to use some of the thread for another project.

I'm having a real problem with the thread "pooling," and it's frustrating. Has anyone else had this problem?

Thread pooling, aka "puddling", happens when coils of thread fall off the sides of the spool and pile up around the base. This can be prevented using thread nets, which are tubes of netting material often provided with sergers. Slip one over the spool and it will keep the thread wound while still allowing it to feed.

Horizon Link vs Digitizer

Linda <lindamrobertson7@...>

Questions - both horizon link and digitizer are editing programs. I have an old version of digitizer that I bought with my MC 9700. I'm in the process of learning HL and just wondered what the pros and cons are between them. I do more monograming that embroidery. Thoughts from anyone greatly appreciated. Linda from Texas. Sent from my iPhone

They really have different purposes. HorizonLink Suite is a collection of software for editing designs, creating sewing stitches, and creating AcuFil quilt designs. Digitizer (all versions) is primarily for creating embroidery designs from scratch. While both have the capability of creating monograms, Digitizer has many more fonts and options than HorizonLink. Even though it does not support your 15000, you can still use it to create designs that will stitch in the 15000. Just choose the largest hoop supported by your machine. When exported to JEF you will wind up with a design that your machine can stitch.

Bobbin tension?


Am I right in thinking that the bobbin thread should be tighter tension than the top one? I don't see any top thread on the underneath of my embroidery designs,a tiny bit of bobbin thread shows on top . To tighten the tension in the bobbin case I turn the tiny black screw clockwise? Thanks.

Are you using the yellow dot bobbin case for embroidery? It has tighter bobbin tension for exactly this problem. If you are using the yellow dot case you can tighten the bobbin tension by turning the black screw SLIGHTLY clockwise. Test after each adjustment. A capital letter "A" or "H" makes a good test. If you don't see any change after a quarter turn STOP and have your machine checked for problems.

Re: Bearing/Bushing noise in 12000?

blue_lak <no_reply@...>

Why yes, it does sound something like a chirping bird. I'll tell him there's a bird trapped in there like the one we had in the attic recently.

Skipped stitches while free motion quilting


I am in the process of free motion quilting my second large quilt.  I had no problems doing the first one, and the second one started out ok.  Lately, I've been getting some skipped stitches and don't know why.  I am using the QC foot, single hole plate, blue dot bobbin case, purple tip needle and aurifil thread top and bottom.  Don't understand why this just started happening with the same set up I've been using.

Any suggestions will help
Gail in FL

Did you change that purple tip needle after the first quilt? They aren't forever!

Bearing/Bushing noise in 12000?

blue_lak <no_reply@...>

This noise started a few months ago at a very, very low level. I mentioned it when it went for annual service then. Dealer said he lubricated everything and found a couple pins down in the bobbin area, but he couldn't hear anything else. It's getting more obvious and definitely in the upper area according to what I hear with a stethoscope on the housing next to the bobbin winder. I can only hear it at higher speeds, and it definitely has a metallic whine to it. Thoughts on what to say/describe to the dealer when I take it back? I don't want to wait and find out it's a failed bearing and takes other components with it.
Jan in MD

When machine speeds increased, starting with the 10000, there was a substantial increase in the number of bushing failures that would cause the machine to lock up. Due to this they switched to ball bearings, and I'm pretty sure that the 12000 has that type of bearing on the top shaft. My best guess is that the real culprit is the timing belt idler pulley. It's job is to keep the proper amount of tension on the timing belt. Unfortunately the pulley is mounted on a very short shaft on a small metal plate. Over time it tends to bend until the timing belt starts to rub on the plastic clutch ring that engages the bobbin winder. Usually it sounds like a chirping bird, and that may be what you are hearing. It would be in the exact area where you hear the noise. I routinely fixed this problem by bending the shaft so it was straight, but it could also be fixed by just replacing the part. It's easy to access and would not be expensive to repair or replace.

Re: Quilt in the Hoop ap

Linda Hestilow Robertson <lindamrobertson7@...>

What is the quilt hoop ap all about?

This is a basic summary:

See what some users have done with it here:

Re: Transferring designs from CD to USB

Sandra King

So what's the answer? Would an external hard drive to store all your designs be the best option? Sent from my iPad

An external drive is fine, but it WILL eventually fail. The best course of action is the 3-2-1 backup system.

thread nest/ poor tension


I have been doing a lot of embroidery on my 15000 and it has begun to make thread nests on the bottom.  I have checked the tension by using the ordinary machine and it is not even. It appears that the top threads are being pulled to the bottom.  I have rethreaded, put in a new, smaller needle.  Any suggestions?

When this problem shows up after a lot of embroidery the cause is often a wad of thread that is caught between the discs of the tension assembly. That holds them open, greatly reducing tension and often causing nesting.  Take a narrow strip of fabric and fold it in half. Touch the LOCK button to force the tension discs open. Remove the needle thread and put the folded edge of the fabric into the tension slot (rightmost slot). Gently "floss" back and forth to remove whatever debris may be in there. You could also use a folded piece of paper to do this. If this doesn't clear the problem you'll need to have a technician look at it.

I once pulled an 18" piece of thread out of the tension on a machine that had this problem. It can be caused by pulling the thread backwards when changing colors, so that you recover all the thread from the needle to the spool. The little spring that the thread goes under on the way to the tension tends to shave off bits of thread when you pull it backward. Those shaved off bits often find their way into the tension. A better method is to snip the thread at the spool and pull the thread through in the normal direction. You can save the cut off bits for embellishment, pressing them between sheets of water soluble stabilizer so they can be easily stitched down.

Re: Design upload/download with older iPad

Betsy Pompi

So O.K. What is a “lighting port” and how do I know if I have one on my Ipad?

The first generation of iPads came with a 30-pin charging cable. One end is about 1" wide and the other end is a standard USB connector. This same cable also was used on the iPhone until 2012 when Apple introduced the "Lightning" connector. That cable is about 1/4" wide and can be plugged in with either side on top, unlike the 30-pin cable which can only be plugged in one way. If your iPad uses the narrow connector then you have a Lightning port. Otherwise you have the 30-pin port, which has no cool name.

Quilt in the Hoop ap


I was curious about the quilt in the hoop ap. Could you please tell me what size blocks can be done.


There are 3 block sizes available:

4 1/2" (5" x 5" or larger hoop)

6 1/2" (7" x 7" or larger hoop)

9" (9" x 9" or larger hoop)

This means the app can be used on all Janome embroidery-capable machines from the 10000 up.

Transferring designs from CD to USB


There was a recent discussion of moving designs from CD to USB for longer term storage. I thought I had flagged the post but can't find it (of course). Searching using Yahoo doesn't find it either. Jim or someone mentioned software that made transferring the CD contents a simple matter but I don't recall its name. Help! Thanks so much, group!


You don't need any software to transfer from CD to USB. Just open Windows Explorer and drag/drop or copy/paste between the CD and the USB flash drive. Note that NEITHER the CD nor the USB drive is "forever" storage. CDs can degrade with time, and if they were not made well they can actually get mold that "rots" the CD and causes the content to be lost. USB drives use a chemical process to store the data, and there is a limit to how many times the drive can be written to. Internal circuitry spread the write operations over the entire drive, so it can be a long time before this happens. Much more likely to cause trouble is removing the drive without asking Windows for permission. This can cause the directory of the drive to be scrambled, and the data to be lost.

Design upload/download with older iPad

blue_lak <no_reply@...>

Jim, I have an older iPad, which doesn't have a lightning port so can't use the iXpand. While I do have Cloud on my Win8 laptop and on my iPad, I can't seem to get iCloud to work on the iPad. I have no problem Cloud uploading or downloading from Windows. I'm probably not doing something right but haven't a clue what. Any suggestions on what to check first? Online searches haven't gotten me anywhere since I'm not asking the "right" questions.
Jan in MD

Have you installed the iCloud Drive app on your iPad? Also make sure that you have the same Apple ID on both iCloud for Windows and the iPad. You need to be logged into iCloud on the iPad - see the Settings app. Also be aware that on the iPad storage in iCloud requires the functionality to be in the app. It's not automatic. For example, AcuEdit will send designs to a 15000, but there is no other way to get a design out of the iPad with that app. AcuDesign does have options, including storage to iCloud Drive.

Re: recommended IPAD for Janome 12000 with other uses

Toni Valenstein

Re: recommended IPAD for Janome 12000 with other uses

Caron Ramsey-Lewis <caronmaw@...>

So I just returned from the Apple Store and we were unable to verify that the IPAD works with the 12000 through wifi capability.  There are no usb ports on the I PAD Pro so how does this work?


The 12000 does not have WiFi capability. There are a number of USB flash drives, like this one, that have dual connectors. One end is a standard USB plug and the other is a Lightning connector that plugs into the iPad. You will need to use AcuDesign for your design management, as AcuEdit will only send to a machine via WiFi. The procedure is as follows:

1. Plug your USB device into your machine. This will create the needed folders on the USB stick.

2. Plug the USB drive into your iPad. This will prompt for you to download and install the software for the USB drive. Do that.

3. When you have a design ready to stitch in AcuDesign tap the Export button (Box with arrow going out in top right corner). This will open a popover with a list of apps and options. Tap the app for your USB drive (SanDisk iXpand drive is STRONGLY recommended, as the other devices have astoundingly awful software). This will send the design to the SanDisk software, which will prompt you to select the folder to put it in. The simplest case is the EmbF folder, which is inside the EMB folder. You can make folders of your own inside EMB, but EmbF is put there by the machine so it's always available.

4. Once saving completes you will be returned to AcuDesign. Unplug the USB drive and take it to your machine.

Re: Ipad choice


To me it about the storage.    Love using my apps


On Dec 5, 2016, at 1:40 PM, Jennifer Vineyard vine2@... [janome12000] <janome12000@...> wrote:


I use the iPad Air 2 with my MC 15000 and I have been very pleased.  I bought the extra space as well so I could store files on my iPad and I am very glad I did.

Jennifer Vineyard

Re: recommended IPAD for Janome 12000 with other uses

Anne Parker

You can get keyboard cases to fit all iPads as far as I am aware.  I've recently bought one of 'Coopers Cases' with a
​backlit ​
for my iPad mini 2 and I love it as I'm not keen on touch devices.

This is the one I bought -

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Re: Ipad choice

Jennifer Vineyard

I use the iPad Air 2 with my MC 15000 and I have been very pleased.  I bought the extra space as well so I could store files on my iPad and I am very glad I did.

Jennifer Vineyard

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