Multiple Font Options

Sue McFarland

What is the best and most cost effective way to get significantly more font options than what is built into the machine?  If I purchase something such as the Brother  font package, will that be compatible?

Far from being the fount on font knowledge, Jim chooses the default font to say:

You need to be very careful purchasing font packages, as many of them are designed to be used with specific lettering programs. For example, Monogram Wizard has dozens of fonts, but you can only use them with Monogram Wizard software. This may also be true of Brother packages, although I don't have any brothers, so what do I know? There are two options I can suggest:

  • they sell monograms as individual letters or packages of entire alphabets. You have to arrange the letters yourself in your project.
  • BuzzWord is a complete lettering program that works with their font packs as well as TruType fonts on your computer. It has a lot of different modes for creating and positioning lettering and you can download a free trial.

Re: Coming attractions - Embroidery Party!

Socorro Morales

I'm signed up!!!  Will you and Diane be here too??

Yes, we'll be staying to help with the event. I probably won't be much help, but I can provide comic relief.

Re: Coming attractions - Embroidery Party!


Wish I could come but  a little far from Illinois.  Love Anita Designs!

Coming attractions - Embroidery Party!

Jim Stutsman

One of our dearest friends in the world is Caren Reneau, owner of Betty's Bobbin Box in Odessa, Texas. On April 29 and 30 she is hosting an Anita Goodesign event. Here are the details:

Betty's Bobbin Box 
2734 N. Grandview
Odessa, TX 79762
432 550 0093

April 29 & 30, 2016

This Anita Goodesign event will be a little different than any other we've ever sponsored in that you, the guest, will be able to choose what projects you would like to embroider.
You will be able to choose 8 projects from 15 which will be presented.  So, you will be working on a project that you love!

The time is 9:00 to 4:00 Friday 29th and Saturday 30th.  Lunch will be provided, of course.  We will be at the MCM Grande Hotel and Fun Dome 6201 E. Business 20.
Cost $99.00.

It will be two full days of fun and information.  We always learn a lot when we attend one of these functions. Anita Goodesign designs are known throughout the machine embroidery community to be top-notch in every way, not the least of which is their digitzing skills.  I have sold them in my shop for several years and have had nothing but success.  They are very well digitized  and cute cute.

Sign-ups are coming along nicely so we know we're going to be able to have tons of fun. We have lots of new people that are anxious to learn about embroidery and that's always exciting!

So, give us a call and get on board.  We're waiting for you and April 29 will be here soon!
Diane and I will be going out a couple of days before the event. Diane will be doing a couple of her classes and I will be on hand to answer questions and make a general nuisance of myself. If you plan to attend and want to stay at the hotel, mention Betty's Bobbin Box to get the special rate of $89 per night. How can you possibly not have a good time in a hotel that has a FUN DOME????

Re: Blue and Pink Janome Bobbins

Anne Parker

I don't know the actual answer - if there is one.  I always thought they were just different colours so you could identify what type/weight of thread you had on them.  So you could use pink for say ordinary sewing thread, blue for say embroidery thread, and clear for bobbin thread - just my thoughts.

Having different colour bobbins is one of the reasons - apart from price - that I ordered 3 lots of 25 from China in great bobbin boxes (about £2 or £3 with postage each).  Each box has 5 different colours.  There are only a couple which are a bit tight over the bobbin winding spindle, but I haven't found any issues at all in using any of them.


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Re: Blue and Pink Janome Bobbins

Terry L

I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter.

I can see how the colored bobbins would be a great for organizing threads.

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Hi Norma,
They are no different. The pink ones represent breast cancer however I do forget what the blue ones represent. I have both colours because the price was right when I needed bobbins and I was supporting the breast cancer program at the same time having lost our eldest girl to breast cancer.


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Re: Blue and Pink Janome Bobbins

Cat - N

Actually, the pink (cherry blossom case) bobbins were "celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Janome Tokyo" because "pink cherry blossoms are a well known symbol of Japan."

I don't think I ever saw anything about the blue (butterfly case) motif marketing 'theme' except that it was a "Limited Edition Blue Butterfly Series" or something to that effect.   

I got both because they are standard Janome bobbins in very pretty just colors with darling cases, thinking I would color code threads with them.  So far, I have not used them at all...just kept them in pristine condition because they are so lovely...and 'special, collector' bobbins, basically....LOL   The info does not seem to be on Janome's site anymore, only this remains:

Which guessed it...I have 'packrat'ed the beautiful pink and blue bobbins in their lovely, adorned cases, and have bought a bunch of clear Janome bobbins and pre-wound Janome bobbins for actual use, in addition to all the other Janome (and Kenmore) bobbins that I have been collecting for about the past 45 years or so...LOL.

Jane, I am so very sorry to hear about your eldest daughter.  I have lost several beloved, including a 22 year old nephew, his father, grandfather, uncle, and great grandfather, and now have a 30 year old nephew recently diagnosed....not to mention all the friends and other family members through the years, some of whom are still with us, including me.  It is a terrible thing to lose them and we have lots of terrible things that go wrong.  My very best to you...many hugs.

- Cat

- Cat 

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Hi Norma,
They are no different. The pink ones represent breast cancer however I do forget what the blue ones represent. I have both colours because the price was right when I needed bobbins and I was supporting the breast cancer program at the same time having lost our eldest girl to breast cancer.


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Re: Blue and Pink Janome Bobbins

Patricia Ward

​From what my dealer told me they are the same as the clear except they are colors.  I use the pink ones for winding quilting thread onto and the blue for embroidery thread.  That way I can tell them apart and have the thread that I may need to do either technique.  I figured  PQ ( pink quilt) so then the blue ( BcdE)  Blue/embroidery. 

Pat ​

On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 7:24 PM, Norma Russen njrussen@... [janome12000] <janome12000@...> wrote:

Can someone please tell me about the blue and pink bobbins that Janome sells? What are they used for, and how are they different from the normal clear Janome bobbin?

Norma Russen

Re: Blue and Pink Janome Bobbins

Vikki Youngmeyer

It’s advertising, plain and simple! Except for color, they are standard Janome bobbins identical to the clear ones. I have a set of pink that I store embroidery thread on when I have to use embroidery thread in the bobbin.



Houston, TX


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Can someone please tell me about the blue and pink bobbins that Janome sells? What are they used for, and how are they different from the normal clear Janome bobbin?

Norma Russen

Re: Flashdrives for 14000

Judy Van Kalken

What is the difference between the 12000 and 14000?

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Re: Blue and Pink Janome Bobbins

blue_lak <no_reply@...>

There's no functional difference between the clear, blue, or pink bobbins. They were pricey when first available, but a bit lower now I think. Depending on how you store or organize your bobbins, they can be very useful for distinguishing different type or specialty threads. I use the pink for all cotton quilting, blue for polyester embroidery, and the clear for everything else related to regular sewing. Somehow I still manage to get the wrong bobbin into the wrong storage box but the wrong color bobbin is easy to spot.
Jan in MD

Re: Blue and Pink Janome Bobbins

Jane Dunne

Hi Norma,
They are no different. The pink ones represent breast cancer however I do forget what the blue ones represent. I have both colours because the price was right when I needed bobbins and I was supporting the breast cancer program at the same time having lost our eldest girl to breast cancer.


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Re: MC11000 driver problem

Cat - N

Okay, I am surprise there, I admit...LOL, and I completely apologize for my absolute ignorance.

Does Customizer 11000 use a different driver than the PC Folder Tool?  I have Customizer 1.5 and I transfer designs from the PC to the MC 11000 (v.3.10) by USB cable all the time using Customizer 1.5 on 64-bit Windows 8.1.  I upgraded my Customizer v.1.3 on Janome's website:

    Adds Windows 7 / 64-bit compatibility and other minor improvements

There is an OS Compatibility Kit that says on page 3 that shows the message that will display on 64-bit systems and says to "Select Install" in the instruction:

I am pretty sure I did all of this last year, although the whole machine embroidery thing was completely new to me, and I lost two computers in rapid succession, so I installed it all three times, the last time being on this 64-bit Windows 8.1 PC.  So, I 'could' be 'missing' something.

I have PC Folder Tool v.1.4, and I have RUN it but never did anything else with it except 'drill' through the folder structure then "X" out of the I don't know if it works or not, and I am not even sure what it is supposed to do, and not sure if I even need/want it.

The only driver issues I have had, when using Customizer 1.5 to send designs, was if the MC11000 was turned off, or if I forgot and plugged the MC 11000 into the new USB hub I have, or if I plugged the MC 11000 into a USB connector of a version it doesn't like...I have 3 versisons on this laptop and I forget which is which. 

Is my stuff a 'freak' of technology?  Hope I didn't jinx it by saying...LOL...but now wondering how things will work when I get my 15000 because I also plan to keep the MC 11000, too.  Should I worry?

- Cat

Spraining his brain while trying to remember too far back, Jim says:
The PC Folder Tool fell through the cracks, as it was little understood. It *should* use the same driver as Customizer 11000, assuming that it has been updated for 64-bit operation. We covered PC Folder Tool in an issue of the now-defunct 11Heaven newsletter. Other than to write the article, we never used it and I don't think many 11000 owners did either.

While it does sound like your melange of USB hubs and ports could be challenging, I don't think you'll have any issues with the 15000. Janome has yet to implement USB 3, and quite possibly USB 2. USB 3 ports are downward compatible with USB 2, but maybe not USB 1.

Windows 8.1 may be a problem, as Janome did have to put out updates for it, at least with the Digitizer software. None of the Windows 8 variants got much love. You may be eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, though some have run into nightmares doing that.

Re: Blue and Pink Janome Bobbins


Can someone please tell me about the blue and pink bobbins that Janome sells? What are they used for, and how are they different from the normal clear Janome bobbin?

Norma Russen

Flashdrives for 14000


I may be asking a question that has been asked a dozen times before, but I just started following the group since my purchase of the 14000.  I have flash drives that I had used on my 11000 and they have a lot of good designs on them.  Will they be usable as they are or will they have to be reformatted and lose all the designs?

By the way, I spent a good 2 hours this morning going through all the "New Product" you announced (and I purchased) and must say that they have been so great at introducing me to a whole lot of features on these wonderful machines!  Thanks loads.

Sending thanks right back, Jim says:

Starting with the 11000, Janome standardized on the format for USB flash drives. All embroidery designs are stored in folders inside the master EMB folder. By default the machine creates an EmbF folder, but you can add others yourself. The 12000, 14000 and 15000 can all navigate to any folder, but by default they open to the EMB -> EmbF folder. All of your 11000 designs will be accessible, though the hoop may change if a design uses a hoop that your machine doesn't have. Just be sure to check the hoop before stitching.

MC11000 driver problem

Caroline Wright

My 15000 is at the dealer being serviced and I am trying to use my 11000 and am having driver problems.  I have installed W10 since last using my 11000 for embroidery and think that may be the problem.  I installed the PC folder tools from the DVD but still get a driver error saying "The USB driver was improperly installed or damaged.  Uninstall the USB driver and re-install it.  Remove the current USB driver?"  I have V2.10.
I am hesitant to do this as I don't want to create a driver problem when I get my 15000 back.  Suggestions please and thanks.


Being in a car in Dallas means there are ALWAYS driver problems, but Jim survives to say:

Your Windows 10 is almost certainly 64-bit. Janome did not make a 64-bit driver for the 11000, so you won't be able to get PC Folder Tools to work. Your only option is to use USB flash drives, which rely on the built-in Windows driver.

Re: New product announcement

Shirley Allen

Jim,  Thank you so much for your info. I respect your time and effort to answer all our questions and the time to put into these projects.  I wonder if Janome knows how special you are?.  I look forward to this new venture as Janome manuals do not cut it when you need to learn their product.  Thanks again Your admirer in NJ

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Re: New product announcement

Shirley Allen

Jim, Are there a trial version for the 12000 yet? Or am I pushing it? Anxious to see videos. Also I have the Elna 920 Expressive & will this work with it? And I have the Ver.1.00 & wanted to know if I could update mine to the version1.20 for the Memory Craft 12000?? Lots of questions for the Guro of techies

Feeling like a leaf in a hurricane, Jim says:
I'm working on the 12000 version now. There is a LOT of work involved, as each of the 58 videos has to be re-encoded for the web. I also need to develop the pages for the website. As for how well it will apply to the Elna 920, that machine is more like the Janome 14000. We've never seen this machine, so I can't make any guarantees, but I would think that the 15000 videos would apply more than the 12000. Of course you can update your 12000 to V1.2. See this page for the instructions and software.

Re: Is there a 17000 on the horizon?

carol caseber <ccaseber@...>

Keep the 11000 (I wish I did) because it has a smaller hoop for 4x4 designs. I have a 15000 and love it but miss the smaller hoop. The 12000 has improvements over the 15000. I would sell the 12000.

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On Saturday, March 26, 2016, 9:26 PM, akerslucy@... [janome12000] wrote:


So i guess that there is no 17000 on the horizon! That said, I just bought an "event" 15000. So now I have a 6600P, an 11000, 12000 and 15000.

Thinking I'll sell the 11000 and take the 12000 to class - as long as my arms hold out for carrying all the extra cases that will involve. The 11000 has been a great machine for travel but I love the features of the 12000.

I'm sure there are those out there with thoughts on this for me - love this forum and so thankful for Jim and Diane!

Re: New product announcement

SewKitty <stevovaso@...>

What a gift! Thank you. This version seems to work perfectly on my WIN 10 system. I have the My 15000 & the Foot Book for the iPad. I enjoy using those apps on that device, but seem to have my PC laptop open more often and would use this version more.

I appreciate all you and Diane do for this group. Thanks again.

From: "jim.stutsman@... [janome12000]" <janome12000@...>
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Sent: Friday, March 25, 2016 2:55 PM
Subject: [janome12000] New product announcement

Ok, well more like a new old product announcement!   Long time readers are no doubt familiar with (and perhaps sick of hearing about) our iPhone/iPad app My 15000. We have had many requests for a version that could be used on a PC or Android device, neither of which was something we were interested in doing. That said, we have reviewed the structure of the app and realized we could implement it as a web app to be viewed in a browser. Previously we sold DVDs for the 12000 that were viewed using a web browser, but after numerous compatibility issues we had to abandon that. I was very skeptical that a web version would work, but pressed on and discovered that it actually can work. So we made a web version.

Of course there are so many different devices, operating systems, and browsers that we could not possibly test them all. So we made the first 10 "quick start" videos completely free so you could find out whether you can use them on your particular device. All videos use the same player, so if it works you can be assured that you'll be able to purchase a membership for all of them. If the free videos don't work, please DO NOT purchase a membership, because the paid videos won't work either! We've tested on Windows 7, 8, and 10 with Internet Explorer 10 and higher, FireFox, and Chrome, all good. Windows XP won't work. Android on an Asus tablet and a Kindle Fire also work. All modern web browsers (say from the last 3 years) should work fine. The videos are HD, so if you are using a cellular connection you're going to burn through a lot of bandwidth, which could result in overage charges. We can't do anything about that, because right now only Apple supports the type of streaming that adjusts automatically to the bandwidth. That's what we use in the iTunes apps.

Permanent access to the web app costs $59.99 USD, the same price as the apps. All of the same features are included, and we can (and will) update the videos as needed. If you have a 15000, but do not have our app, we invite you to check out My 15000 Online. Thanks!

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