My 12000 App - What is the latest version?

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Hi Jim:
I had several update notices on my IPad which included the My 12000. However, when I click on the Update icon for it, it goes to update, shows the circle to load the update and then bounces back to the Update icon showing again. I continue to have an alert that it needs to be updated.
Not sure if this is a problem with the App or with Apple. All my other apps that were needed to be updated went fine so just the My 12000 seems to be a problem.
I am on the latest version for the IPad.


Using his newly updated keyboard, Jim says:
I've had that problem with various apps from time to time. It's all Apple. First try powering off the iPad, then turning it back on. Often that will nudge it into completing the update. If it doesn't, delete the app and download it again. You'll get the latest version and you won't have to buy it again.

Re: Total stitches

cnystul in Mn.

Thanks Jim...that was great...I'll just keep on embroidering and sewing.
Cathy Nystul

Windows 10 question

Gail Berkler

Does anyone know, or particularly, Jim whether Windows 10 will work with our sewing software or will it mess it up?

Welcoming a new member, Jim says:

Everything works with Windows 10, although Digitizer MBX must be updated. See this page for the required updates.

Re: Thread spool holder


This sounds like it would be easier than fumbling through boxes of thread. 
Could you post a photo?

Connie S.

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On Oct 16, 2015, at 6:13 PM, Madeline Burgoon mdburgoon@... [janome12000] <janome12000@...> wrote:

My husband is a wood tinkerer.  He made a thread spool rack for my embroidery thread.  He used 12 (1 x 1)'s each 20" long and spaced them about an inch apart screwed to 2 cross pieces made of 1 x 4's on the back.  Next he drilled 10 holes in each of the 1 x 1's at an slight angle upward evenly spaced over the 20" pieces.  He cut dowels about 2" long (give or take), inserted them into the holes, hung the whole thing on the wall with picture hangers.  120 spools of thread with a home and I don't have to hunt anymore.

Janome 12000 - doesnt recognize full bobbin in embroidery mode


Hi Jim,

I need a question answered please, if you can.

I have just received my 12000 back from repairs to the screen.  Screen went white, all sorts of circuit boards and parts replaced, took over 3 months, and service was meant to be done at the same time.

Just fired it up in embroidery mode, put the hoop on etc and now machine is telling me that bobbin needs filling despite the fact that it is totally full!  I put a new one in before I started.

Machine came back with software in 1.0 version despite an upgrade to 1.2 some months before this happened, also was meant to be serviced and it came back in the same dusty state as I left it - nothing done, not to mention that the service person scratched the silver plating and left huge greasy fingerprints all over the silver.  The shop will be receiving a phone call from me on Monday!

After I upgraded it back to 1.2 today, I went into the bobbin mode in Settings for both sewing and embroidery and set the bobbin detect totally down to zero in case thats what the problem was.

I tried the machine on normal sewing mode and it detects the bobbin and sews out fine.  It looks like the service person also tried in normal sewing because I received the tell-tale piece of fabric under the needle when I got the machine back.  They would not have tried it in embroidery mode as I did not give them my embroidery unit.  Why then is it complaining when in embroidery mode?  Nothing I can do will let me begin sewing in embroidery mode.

Hope you can help before I totally lose it with the sewing shop.

Many thanks,

Irene Lowe

Melton, Victoria, Australia

Wiping his greasy fingerprints from the keyboard, Jim says:

It's not a good idea to try to diagnose a problem in a machine that is literally on the other side of the world, but that's never stopped me before. There is only one actual sensor for the bobbin, but how the software in the machine uses it is a little different in embroidery mode versus sewing mode. From your description it appears that they changed the A board at minimum. Replacement parts are never updated on the shelf, but a technician with attention to detail should do the update. My best guess is that one or both cables for the bobbin sensor either did not get connected or is connected incorrectly.

It's also possible that they didn't recalibrate the bobbin sensor, something that needs to be done in the event of a board change like you've had. I would start by doing that before tearing the machine down to look for cable issues. The process is simple, but requires three calibration bobbins from Janome. They may not have those, so when you take the machine in have an empty bobbin, a full bobbin, and one that is half full. Those will be close enough to the standard calibration bobbins to set the machine. If that doesn't clear the problem, then it's probably a cable.

There are MANY different cables connected to the A board, since it is the primary controller for all functions of the machine. With very little room to move, it's not uncommon for a cable to be left out or misconnected. In this case the bobbin sensor has two connections to the U2 board in the top of the machine. U2 is connected to the A board through 4 or 5 separate cables, so there is a lot of room for error.

I must say that for this type of repair to take 3 months is inexcusable. You must be blessed with extraordinary patience!

Re: Storing hoops

J Fraker

I put my black case back in the box the day I bought it and have never taken it out again.  My 9700 had a nice hard case that slipped over the top, was the same color as the machine, and I was very disappointed to have bought such an expensive machine and gotten such a crappy case.

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I'm not even sure why I am keeping it as I don't intend to use it at all.  From the replies on this forum it seems no one really uses it.  Maybe we should feed back to Janome and ask them for an additional foot instead! I think I would be more inclined to use it if I was a different colour - even red with white writing or white with red writing.  I don't like black at the best of times.

I am probably keeping it for posterity so the machine is complete to be passed on when I am no longer around - I guess I should just put it in the boxes that the machine came in which are up in the loft!  I guess I should do the same with the embroidery unit case since I don't take the machine anywhere and honestly couldn't see me taking it in that case anyway.

It would be a good idea to cover your machine.  I use a lap quilt I made - much prettier - and I 'clip' it together at this time of year, at the sides with long flower headed pins.  The machine is in a generally unheated room and at this time of year temperatures drop.  It's currently around 40 degrees F (4 degrees C) over night though I do have a heater in there to keep it around 45 F (7C).  During the summer I just lay it over the machine and roughtly tuck it in at the sides, especially on the right near the computer boards, to stop the dust getting in.


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Acu Feed walking foot

Sandra King

Tonight, when I started to put my acu feed quarter inch walking foot on my 15000, it came apart in three pieces.  I don't know if it's broken, but I never could put it back together.  Need some advise, Jim.  Am I gonna have to buy a new foot?

Sandra King

Trying not to go to pieces, Jim says:

There have been a few others on the list who have had similar problems. You will need a replacement, but a good dealer will not charge you. The broken foot can be returned to Janome for credit, so it's no loss to the dealer.

Re: Black cover


Good point Cheryl. That is really what living in the present moment is all about.

Connie S.

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Don’t think about time - just have fun. I’m 70 - never think about time anymore, I just do.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Posted by: Cheryl Paul <capaul@...>


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Re: Thread spool holder

Madeline Burgoon

My husband is a wood tinkerer.  He made a thread spool rack for my embroidery thread.  He used 12 (1 x 1)'s each 20" long and spaced them about an inch apart screwed to 2 cross pieces made of 1 x 4's on the back.  Next he drilled 10 holes in each of the 1 x 1's at an slight angle upward evenly spaced over the 20" pieces.  He cut dowels about 2" long (give or take), inserted them into the holes, hung the whole thing on the wall with picture hangers.  120 spools of thread with a home and I don't have to hunt anymore.

Total stitches

cnystul in Mn.

Jim I was told that you can see how many stitches your machine has made. I have the 11000 and 12000. Can you tell me where I would find that...I would be interested to see how many stitches these machines have embroidered for me...thank you! Cathy

Wondering how many answers he's typed, Jim says:

That feature is only available on the MB-4 and the 15000. If you total up the number of designs you have, the number of days in a month and the total of your last grocery bill you'll come up with a pretty good approximation. I'm guessing it falls somewhere between "That many?! Really?" and "Now that you mention it, I do recall having a family at some point."

Re: AcuSetter now available at iTunes + 15000 updates!!!

Sandra King

This is available in the App Store, not iTunes.
I just foe loaded it. It's free.

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Re: Acusetter free app is here!

Jane Dunne

Just got the app! It seems to be quite interesting. No I did not get black marks on my hoops but it shows you and tells you where to put them. I am going to try it. Thanks for letting us know.

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Re: AcuSetter now available at iTunes + 15000 updates!!!

Cheryl Paul

OK. That’s good - I thought I’d really lost my mind for good. I did the Sentinal Hasp update, even though I don’t have Windows 10 yet. The App downloaded just fine on my iPad but for the life of me - I get that “Safari, can’t find the page” for the rest which said V2.1

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Re: Black cover

cas <cas@...>

I’m gong to get mine back out of storage and see where the hoops fit.  I didn’t know it had a place. 
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That is a very nice idea Connie, to embroider something pretty on the black cover, thanx for that.
Plus I really like the black cover as it stores all the hoops upright on the floor under my sewing table.  I can easily reach them yet they aren't in the way at all.



Re: Sewing cover- hard case, etc.

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I don't have the Totto for the 15000 but bought one that fits my Juki 2000 (I think the size was "large") and that is one fantastic case, very sturdy and it has lots of storage.  I would think the Totto for the 15000 would not disappoint either.   Besides visiting the dealer when needed I have no plans to take the 15000 anywhere.

Sewing cover- hard case, etc.

Teressa Sisemore

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Subject: Re: Sewing cover- hard case, etc.

I have the tutto bag for the 15000 and have used it a couple of times. 
I like that it is lightweight- the machine is heavy enough without adding more weight. 
Also LOVE that it folds compactly and fits behind the door of my sewing room or in the closet without taking a up space. 


Re: AcuSetter now available at iTunes + 15000 updates!!!

Judy Jackson <judy.j282@...>

At least I'm not the only one not finding the updates! Have downloaded the new app though so will be trying that out soon.
Judy, UK

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This keeps coming up as unfound when I try.  The latest download for the MC15000 that I can find is V.2

Trying not to be Rush Limbaugh, Jim nevertheless says:


Re: Memory Craft 14000

Viola Tani


Please let us know how you get on with the MC 14000 when you get it and what you think of it.  What machine are you upgrading from?  I think that the show price and the MBX included was a very good offer at Ally Pally.

I was looking to upgrade a couple of years ago when I had to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 and I could no longer use a direct cable link to my MC 10001.  I also wanted some additional features like a bigger hoop and automatic thread cutting but could get a suitable Janome machine without spending a fortune.  The 9900 could cut the threads but no bigger hoop and no direct cable link.  At the time Brother had a good offer on innov-is V3 (embroidery only) and it came with a full version of PE Design Next so I got that.  Fantastic machine, 1,050 stitches per minute embroidery, although that does not matter to me as such. 

As I am very keen on Janome machines I am still checking what is available in case I decide to upgrade and this new 14000 sounds very good but without seeing the full spec I do not know whether it would have all the features I would like.  If Ruth had said it came with MBX V 5.00 I would have seriously considered a purchase.

Best wishes, Viola (in Potters Bar)

Re: New updates to 15000, MBX, and Windows 10

Shirley <lov2sew@...>

I couldn’t find the update or designs So was glad to read from Jim that the Acusetterworks.

hard case, Cheryl

Shirley <lov2sew@...>

I was lucky I sold that original Janome hard case! Bought the Tutto love
. Like you I live in Canada (BC) I felt my first loss was my best loss with
that case.Too hard to load my machine in it and keepit from rolling around
with those 4 wheels.


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