Re: cloth setter 12000

cnystul in Mn.

I have had the cloth setters since my first machine, the 8000. Then I had one with the 9000, 10000, 11000 and now the 12000. I find it so easy to use and no guess work.
Cathy Nystul

Re: Classes in Odessa, TX 3/13 and 3/15

William D Lawson

Oh, those classes sound exactly like what I need!!!  When are you going to take it on the road?  I live in Indiana.  Could you go on a "concert tour"?  You two are the best teachers.  I would love to attend all three of these classes.  You Tube, video classes and Craftsy are fine, but I really need a real-time, person-to-person class.  Best of luck.  I wish I lived in Texas.  

Re: Classes in Odessa, TX 3/13 and 3/15


Oh, Diane and Jim, if only you were in NC.
Diane in NC

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Diane and Jim will be conducting a set of classes involving the use of computers in the sewing room at Betty's Bobbin Box in Odessa, Texas, on March 13 and 14. For details see this website

Classes in Odessa, TX 3/13 and 3/15

Jim Stutsman

Diane and Jim will be conducting a set of classes involving the use of computers in the sewing room at Betty's Bobbin Box in Odessa, Texas, on March 13 and 14. For details see this website

Embroidering two designs at once 15000


I’m have two identical designs in my hoop and would like it to sew the steps in order on each of them before each color change.
Do you know how to make it do this?  I looked in the book and app and can only find how to set up options.

Trying unsuccessfully to group the keystrokes in order, Jim says:
See "Color Grouping" on page 137.

Re: 15000 automatic to hreader error

Mary E

I figured it out. I have to remember that this is a computer, so I turned it off and on and the threader works perfectly!
but thanks for the heads up anyway
Mary E

Re: cloth setter 12000

Lou Crawford <piano4221@...>

I know there are many sewers who have the cloth setter, but I did not get one with my 12000 and have never thought I needed it. I have perfect placement with just the machine settings and hoops. I do lots of embroidering that needs to be so-so and I have never had a problem. I do use the cloth setter with my 9000, but the 12000 is so different and no problems with placement. 

New Member

A. Sandra Clark


I guess since I'm taking advantage of this great site I should introduce myself

I have been sewing for about 60 years and had many machines. I was looking for a new one a number of years ago and my Mum introduced me to Janome....the 8000 was new at the time. Didn't want anything much fancier than that but, when the 10000 was introduced, I decided I should at least move up to the 9000 before they were discontinued (2002). There was a 10001 that had been traded in at my dealer last year and the price was good so home it came. It introduced me to a whole new world of machine mebroidery. I am now waiting for 'my' 12000 to be checked over at Janome in Toronto and new doors will open. This will be my forever machine.....but the 9000 stays and I have the compulock and the one designed for felting, oh, and the Jem Gold..the first or second one.


Re: 15000 automatic to hreader error

Anne Parker <annegparker@...>

Are you sure the message says the presser bar?  I think it may actually say to raise the needle bar slowly - so the needle is in the right area for threading and the little light on the needle threader button comes on.

I get that message when the needle is too low - if I remember correctly it mentions in the manual to do a down and up of the needle (with the down/up button) before setting the lock option and that should put the needle in the correct place for the needle threader to work.

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cloth setter 12000

A. Sandra Clark


I am getting my 12000 soon and am wondering about the need for the very expensive cloth setter. I'm cautious about these things and have always used one with my machines. Is there a method here to be accurate that I am not aware of. Dealer says he will try to find me a good price if I need it but.....

My 15000 app

Caroline Wright

Purchased the subject app this morning and so far, finding it excellent and would highly recommend for anyone that owns a MC15000.  I live a couple of hours from my dealer and won't be taking classes so this is a real live saver.  One question, will this app work on my iMac and if so, how do I get to it.?  Loving it on my iPad but have a 27 inch Mac sitting right next to my 15000 and thought it would be great to view the videos on the big screen while I try out what I learn.   Thanks


Presenting you with a virtual basket of muffins, Jim says:

Thanks so much for purchasing our app! Unfortunately you cannot view the videos on your iMac because iOS apps are very different from Mac apps. In addition all of the videos have been optimized for the iPad screen, which is much lower resolution than your iMac. If we could display them on the iMac they would be upscaled and all pixelated. What you could do is use one of the apps, such as Reflector, on your iMac and then AirPlay from the iPad to the iMac. That's a nominal cost, but would give you another option.

Re: Attaching guide bar to the walking foot


You are a brave lady. Most of use do not like to admit to user error. Gee, that seems to happen a lot. User error that is. I have it all the time. Good luck with your machine.

Sent from my iPad

15000 automatic to hreader error

Mary E

When I follow the directions I get an error message telling me to lift the pressed foot bar slowly. I'm not sure what else I can do-I've followed both the instructions on the machine and the manual.

Mary e

Re: Attaching guide bar to the walking foot

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

Guess it's time I started following the instruction exactly.  I tend to rush things and make mistakes.  A friend of mine called me after my last post, and I kept saying "I don't see any other holes".  I finally took the small one out of the accessory box, and much to my surprise I discovered the correct hole.  Since the foot was already attached, I ignored that crucial bit of information.  I had no idea that the correct hole was lurking behind the screw.  I want to thank  for their input and suggestions .  Why on earth did I think there wasn't a good reason to follow the directions exactly?  I apologize to all of you for the time and effort you spent helping me.  I really appreciate this group.  Everyone is so helpful,  I read the posts, but try not to write in unless  I've tried everything I know. I've already drawn the lines this time, but at least I won't have to do it again.

Clotheguide on My15000 app


I found the nice video about the Clothguide.  I think it registered as “cloth setter” in my brain earlier, as I was chatting with visitors and looking at the same time.  You may know how that goes running a sewing store, LOL!
The app is so handy.  One of the friends just showed me how to use the pivot option (instead of the leg lever which is still a pain to reach even with the adjustments I’ve made), but when she left the pressure foot was not raising as high as I wanted, and sure enough there is a video describing how to set it.


Re: Cloth Guide


I looked for it in the 15000 app videos too but didn’t find it.  Is there a search option in that app?  I’m still learning my way around it.  I showed some friends the nifty project for a hoop holder in there.  I’m going to make that for sure, nice of you to include it.  I would love more projects, especially “learn to use the machine” projects to hold my hand...
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Subject: [janome12000] Cloth Guide

Didn’t we get a cloth guide with the 12000 or 15000? I may be thinking of my 11000 (sold). It might work for this type of thing. It looks like this 

I looked for it in the Footbook and didn’t see it.
Jim says:
The Cloth Guide is a machine feature provided with the 10000, 10001, 11000, 12000 and 15000. We did not include it with FootBook since it is a feature of the individual machines, not an optional add-on purchase. It is covered in both the 12000 and 15000 videos.

Re: Cloth Guide

A. Sandra Clark

After 13 years of owning my 9000 and after purchasing the 10000 last year I discovered that the 9000 also has a cloth guide. I'm glad to hear the 12000 has one also as I found it quite useful.

Re: Need advise


I had the same type of experience.  I felt the tech was blaming me for the thread cutter still not working (they supposedly fixed it and said I should quit breaking it), and not believing me I was getting other random error messages, they stated it was all  changes I had made in the setup menu.  It turned out it was a bad board in my sewing machine (the 15000) and they ended up replacing the machine.
I also found the tech was going for extensive training on the 15000 recently (in Arizona I think) .  I’m guessing he was not as knowledgeable as he should have been on the 15000 yet and that was coming across in his attitude dealing with all of us that bought the machine.  Regardless, Janome stands behind it and does provide the training, and if you insist on getting the repair you paid for, which they should know how to do, and still get the brush-off then you probably should call Janome or try a new dealer.  In any case, you should get the money back for the repair if they didn’t actually do anything on your machine.
I think it’s important to know you can trust your dealer and feel comfortable going to them for help.

So I picked up my today and I asked then 3 times was it fixed. They said yes but it felt like a brush off yes. Well of course I got it home and it is not fixed. I paid them $140 which is their maintenance fee. This dealer sells vacuums and all types of sewing machines so their focus is not just Janome but are an authorized dealer.

I am thinking of taking my machine to another dealer in Tampa because I am concerned my local dealer does not know what they are doing and do more harm than good.

Can you think of any downfall to going to a different dealer for repair as long as they are certified to fix Janome's?


Re: new member


Congrats Mary, have a great, good time with it!!
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Subject: [janome12000] new member

Hi all- I can see that this list is going to be very useful to me, as well as humorous, thanks to Jim ;-).

I bought myself a Janome DC2014 last October and it pretty much paid for itself by then end of the year with all the sewing jobs I received. I had previously been using a 1948 15-91 Singer as well as a Featherweight. Both machines are wonderful and I plan to use the 15-91 for any leather or canvas sewing, but it was a pain not to have everything right there on the machine (buttonholer, zigzag, etc). I had sworn I would never get a computerized machine, but now I am hooked.

Even with the 2014, I felt there were more things I wanted, like the ability to embroider and a larger harp. I took the plunge and purchased an MC15000 last Thursday. I expect I'll be picking it up tomorrow. The dealer I purchased it from has been a Janome dealer for 25 years. She also, as part of the package(which includes the iPad), sold me the Floriani Total Control system at a greatly reduced price and threw in 30 spools of embroidery thread.

My son, who is a computer systems manager, set up Windows 8 on my Mac, so I am all set to go! But I'm pretty sure there's a learning curve to using the 15000 and I'm going to purchase Jim's video tutorial app, as I am hopeless at reading directions and am definitely a visual, hands-on learner.

Glad this group is here !!!

Mary Eckstein

Re: Hi! New Member Here...!


Welcome Cat,
It’s exciting getting a new machine!  I really love my 15000v2.  It is nice and quiet and strong and fast.  I haven’t used the embroidery unit much but it seems fairly easy to use from the projects I’ve done.  The people in this group that do a lot of embroidery say it does stitch nice and even embroidery work.
I am learning to sew clothes and also sew quilts and it really works well for both because it has so much harp space and so many stitches available.
I was trying Free Motion Quilting last week too, and it has a foot that hovers right above the cloth that makes that easy.  
I’m going to learn the AcuFil options too, I’m hoping the videos on the My15000 app help me with that, and then I can use it to quilt in the hoop too.  The 15000 comes with a free ipad and you can use sewing apps and access the manual with that.
I sewed a jacket using fleece Friday and the dual feed foot works great for that, no stretching of one layer more than the other.
I sewed organza and lightweight jersey too, and had no issues.  It comes with a straight stitch foot and plate so it makes it easier to sew fine fabrics and do piecework.
Do you have a local dealer?  They often have presentations where you get to go sew a project and see how you like sewing on it.  I went to one where we had six machines going at once in a little room, but it was so quiet we could all talk normally.  I went home with an embroidered tote at that one.  I went to another one where I went home with an embroidered pencil case.
I thought I would not spend that much on a machine, but now I figure it’s my main source of entertainment so what the heck.  I bought the 11000 first but did not like it.  I thought it was slow going between screens and setting it up and such.  The 15000 will sew at 1000RPM and embroider at 800 and they said the computer options are 10x faster than previous versions.  I can really tell the difference!
Well, this is beginning to sound like a sales pitch.  I’m just sharing different things I’ve done that I found difficult on previous machines and seem so simple on this one.
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Subject: [janome12000] Hi! New Member Here...!

Thank you for allowing me to join your group.  I have been sewing since I was at least 4 years old, but am returning to sewing after quite a long break, and my Sears Kenmore 385.1960180 by Janome is trying to help but limping, although every time I take it apart...and I have yet to find anything 'wrong' sews better.  It will now sew forward, reverse when the switch is pressed, then sew forward again but only in straight gets 'stuck' if a reversing stitch is selected.  It wouldn't ser forward at all as soon as I had designed, cut out and pinned together cute little Valentine's Day outfits for my doggies, the machine wouldn't sew forward.  After fiddling unsuccessfully with the machine for a good long while, I put it away again...for a couple more years

My machine is a 100-stitch computeried machine purchased in about I am thinking it may be about time for an upgrade.  I am seriously out of touch with sewing machines...OMG.  I looked briefly in about 2003 and loved the MC 11000 but decided to wait...I was still way too busy to sew...and time passed...LOL

I am interested in a machine with decent I won't outgrow in a week...I did that once already.  Any brand/any model, but I am very impressed with the Janome embroidery unit, its technology, footprint,/size, weight, operation, and such.  I would appreciate comments, recommendations, opinions about new models of machines. 


- Cat

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