Re: basting design for GR hoop


Thanks Virigina. I will try that next time. I have to check the manual but I thought the basting stitch would baste the perimeter of the hoop which you can embroider within. When I used the baste function, it just basted outside the design and not the entire embroidery area. I am probably not using the right function and will go back and do a couple of tests.


Using the Internet's favorite phrase 'Well actually', Jim says:
That's how the built-in baste is supposed to work. It will lay down a basting line 5mm from the edges of the design unless the design is within 5mm of the edge of the stitch area. In that case the basting line will overlap the design. There is no built-in function to baste around the perimeter of the embroidery area. Ideally you want the basting close to the design to minimize movement around the edges.

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