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Bea, that works if I want to open the design, but I can get it to open through just opening the Digitizer MBX and then opening the file.  But there are times when i just want to look through my designs to determine which one I want to use without opening the MBX Program.  I use to be able to scroll through the designs and look to see how they will look stitched out.  Now I cannot do that and this is what i want to get returned to me.  Any suggestions with that?

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Mary Jane,

Is dsgnedit.exe and option when you choose open with? 

Dsgnedit.exe is the Janome digitizer execution file – and it should work.  And it should change all the designs that are .jef or .jan if you choose default on the same menu.



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My husband suggested last night that I remove the programs and start new.  Then I remembered that I have installed the Floriani Embroidery Image Maker to view designs a few years ago.  This morning, I un-installed it and then re-installed it to no avail.  I am getting frustrated because nothing I do is making any difference.


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Yes, but when I float the curser over the Artistic Suite icons, it does not show Digitizer as an option for programs to choose.  How do I add that option to the programs I can choose?  I have tried Browsing but don't know how to choose the Digitizer.  When I find it in my list of Programs, there is a folder there full of files, but I don't know which to choose.  Digitizer by itself is not a choice.  Also, it only does it for one design, It would take me forever to do this for each design.


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Maybe I didn't understand what the problem is.  But when I loaded artistic suite it replaced the Janome yellow and red icons with the creative drawing icons. Apparently it chose all stitch and design files and used its own designated icons. All I did was float the curser over top of the artistic suite icon and right click to choose the program I wanted to use to open those designs. (Digitizer). And my yellow and red icons came back.  

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Floating his cursor, Jim says:

Apparently it was us that didn't understand the problem. We all thought you wanted icons that bear the image of the design. In this case you just wanted the Digitizer EasyEdit icons (yellow red). You've done that and life is good again. You are now fully qualified to be a Windows support expert!



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