Re: Left over bobbin thread when embroidering

vicki chrobak

I don't know if I'm just lucky or what. I set my bobbin menu to 1 & it worked. I use all thread left on bobbin in regular sewing mode without a problem.

Vicki Jo

Hi - yesterday I was embroidering with black bobbinfil and ended up with
4 bobbins with quite a lot of thread left on each of them as the
machine wouldn't start stitching due to the bobbin sensor saying there
wasn't enough thread and I couldn't override it in embroidery mode. So -
I took another bobbin with a different coloured thread on it and wound
the black thread on to it and used it up that way - amazing how much
stitching it did. Using the different coloured thread meant I could
still see how much black I had left. So I shall be continuing to do
this until we can get the sensor adjusted.

Just thought this tip might be useful for someone having the same problems.


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