Re: Design Images Changed with Artistic Suite Update

Mary Jane Weddle <maryjweddle@...>

Yes, but when I float the curser over the Artistic Suite icons, it does not show Digitizer as an option for programs to choose.  How do I add that option to the programs I can choose?  I have tried Browsing but don't know how to choose the Digitizer.  When I find it in my list of Programs, there is a folder there full of files, but I don't know which to choose.  Digitizer by itself is not a choice.  Also, it only does it for one design, It would take me forever to do this for each design.

Jim says:
This goes back to the fact that there is no "Open With" function for Digitizer. It is possible to change the icon by editing Registry entries, but that's a very dangerous thing to do. A much easier and safer method would be to download the latest update to the version of Digitizer that you have. Double click to install it. Assuming that it's already installed, you should be offered the option to "Repair" the installation. Choose that. During the repair the icons should be reset to reflect EasyEdit, even though double clicking on them will not open them in Digitizer.

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