Re: My first embroidery and Q for Jim

Smith Sarah Ann <sarahannsmith@...>

Thanks Pat—that’s good to know if I ever do any digitizing, but this font was one of the built in ones, Micro Something—Gothic? clean block letters but small, not Monogram size. They are about 3/8-1/2 inch tall (caps and tall letters); lower case are a tiny bit larger than 1/4”. So I’m guessing that since it was a built-in, it is somehow optimized in terms of stitches?

Cheers, Sarah

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The other noteworthy point I would make is that the smaller the lettering
the LESS thread you need to make it look good. You want more stitches in
your larger lettering for sure, but, the tendency is to think that more
stitches will make smaller lettering look good, when it is in fact, just the


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