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THANK YOU Jim! Will not touch the screw!

Excellent explanation about the large size of the needle. I’ll try a smaller one (and see if I have any blue-tip—-I hate that Janome won’t tell us what TYPE of needles they are, such as Embroidery etc—I like to know what I’m using, and “blue” doesn’t cut it for me).

I also read through the manual again last night and noticed a couple things: I think I forgot to switch to the single-hole needleplate! And it mentioned that with narrow-zigzag designs (such as the small lettering) to slow down the speed of the machine to avoid puckering. I had used the default at 600 spm, but can slow it down. And use stronger stabilizer.

Great news about the videos. Having taped my video workshop for Quilting Arts TV, I know that actual taping for the 74 minute video took a half day, done on ONE run-through, but I had prepped and practiced for over a MONTH in advance, taping myself on my little video camera to see how things would look, getting my script/what I wanted to say down, etc.

Thanks so much!

Cheers, Sarah

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