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Congratulations Annie! You won't be sorry!

None of your Acufeed attachments can be used on the 12000, due to there being a different pattern of feed dogs. All snap-on feet can be used IF you purchase a foot holder for the 7700 or 11000. The spool stand from the 7700 *MIGHT* work on the 12000. Some on this list have found it works fine, others (including us) have found that it doesn't fit exactly right and impedes the top cover of the 12000 from opening completely. Also see this post:

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Hi Jim,

Yes, I guess I am like most women (not all!) and I have changed my mind, the more I read about the 12000 the more I like it so will plan on selling my 7700 and go ahead with the purchase from the Dubai dealer who has the 12000 already reserved for me. Before I go ahead Jim - sorry to ask this question again ........ I have all Accufeed and other accessories for the 7700. Can I use all of these or just some on the 12000 if I buy the holder for them that will fit the 7700 and can you please tell me again what the part number is for the holder? thank you so much.

Also, is there any specific other items I should ask the dealer to order for me that you can recommend?

Thanks to you and Diane, I wouldn't go ahead with this purchase if you didn't have this great group, I am very nervous re using the embroidery part of the machine but will just have to learn how to use it....

A very happy new year to you, your family and all the ladies on this group...

Best Wishes,
Annie Dunn
Saudi Arabia

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