Re: Design Images Changed with Artistic Suite Update

Bea Rosier <beazoza@...>

Maybe I didn't understand what the problem is.  But when I loaded artistic suite it replaced the Janome yellow and red icons with the creative drawing icons. Apparently it chose all stitch and design files and used its own designated icons. All I did was float the curser over top of the artistic suite icon and right click to choose the program I wanted to use to open those designs. (Digitizer). And my yellow and red icons came back.  

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Floating his cursor, Jim says:
Apparently it was us that didn't understand the problem. We all thought you wanted icons that bear the image of the design. In this case you just wanted the Digitizer EasyEdit icons (yellow & red). You've done that and life is good again. You are now fully qualified to be a Windows support expert!

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