Re: Updates for 11000

Linda Mcdonald

Hi Jim I have a 11000 bought used and haven't been able to transfer any designs via USB cord I updated my computer but my machine is 1.30 is there any tips to help me. I tried a USB memory stick which isn't working. Thank you for help you can give me. Linda McDonald

Linda Walters McDonald

A used Jim replies:
When you connect the USB cable between your computer and the machine (machine turned on), the computer should go through the gyrations of finding a new USB device. The driver is installed when you install Customizer 11000 as "DriverInst". Double click that to reinstall the driver.

If you don't get a "New device detected" when you connect the cable, and it also fails to recognize a USB stick, then the USB board in the machine may not be working. All of the USB function is on a single board, and during our time as dealers we did have a couple of machines that needed new USB boards. Unfortunately your machine will not be covered by warranty, so I hope that's not the case.

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