Re: Sew-What Pro and Embird - Your comments please


I also use Embird and I'm very happy with it.  I had Customizer 4D from HV first, then PE Design but really just wanted to be able t edit my designs and add lettering.  I really wasn't into Digitizing my own.  The upgrades for both those other software packages were about $500.00 and there was a new one every other year or so.  I really couldn't keep up and wasn't using the programs fully.  I went with Embird back in 2004 and have been very happy with it.  Upgrades are every couple of years, but only $20.00.  I do have the digitizing part, but still don't use it.  There are a couple of Yahoo groups for it that are  very helpful.

I got my 15000 a couple of months ago an I just recently converted all my files to .jef.  I did whole folders at a time so it was pretty quick and easy. 

I would recommend Embird

Gail in Florida

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