Re: Sew-What Pro and Embird - Your comments please


Julia - I'm unfamiliar with SewWhatPro so can't offer an opinion on it.  But I have used Embird for years and years and love it.  I'm a new 15000 owner and have to customize my hoop sizes as they haven't upgraded the program yet for these new sizes (possibly the same for the 12000).  I wouldn't trade Embird for anything - it does everything I need it to do. 

On 6/18/2014 2:05 PM, juliadlf.ny@... [janome12000] wrote:

I have found 2 options which can help me with converting files and resizing designs  for my Janome MC12000. SewWhatPro and Embird Basic. SewWhatPro seems very easy to use but Embird appears to have just the same features or am I missing something? I just don't want to fall into  another software issue and spend $$ for something that won't work for saving files in the hoop sizes for the MC12000. 

Pricing of each is different but I'm more interested in just getting some feedback on which one worked best for you, if you purchased either of these. I'm not a commercial seller. Just a home hobbyist.




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