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By all means update your MBX! The multi-language function was only a minor part of the update. There are many bug fixes included, although they are not listed. This is typical of Janome, and it's why you should always install Digitizer updates as they are released. This particular update has only been online about 4 days. We try to monitor them and announce them on our various sites (like this one) as they go up.

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I am a new member of this group and joined trying lto make up my mind if I want to invest in the 12000. I currently have the 11000 that has been upgraded to the SE and am very happy with it. In the meantime, I received the MBX upgrade for the digitizer for Christmas. My question is in regard to the upgrade I found on the Janome Global website for for the MBX. Is it somthing I should do? Other than adding languages I would not use I can't be sure what it would "fix" on the software I just received.
I know this is off-topic, but cannot find a group for the Digitizer MBX like there was for the Digitizer-Pro. Another thing that would be helpful is if Janome would indicate the dates when new upgrades are posted on their sites.
I am very impressed with Trevor Congergood's tutorial that came with the MBX, and my husband, who is an engineer, is very impressed with the program.
I would appreciate any help any one can give me regarding the update.
Judy in NC

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