Re: What do you do with left over Romeo stabiliser

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

Save all the leftover bits. Put them in a jar (recycled food containers are good for this) and add water a little at a time until you have a thick, goopy liquid. Keep it in the fridge when not in use. Brush it on items to be embroidered and let it dry before putting them in the hoop. They will become very stiff, to the point of nearly being self-stabilized. Once embroidery is complete, soak the item to remove all the goop. Obviously not good for items that cannot get wet, but very effective on things like T-shirts.

If you have pieces that are *almost* big enough to hoop, try spritzing the edges LIGHTLY with water, join at the moist edges and press with a warm iron. Now you can hoop it!

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What do you do with any water soluble film you have left over after you have sewn a design???? I am having problems with sewing out a design and have several quite large bits of romeo which are not big enough to go in a 12000 hoop.....its expensive so loathe to throw it away.

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