Re: connecting my 15000 and iPad


Jim,  I found your tutorial and followed it.  That's why it's so frustrating.  I thought for sure it would work. The machine is about 10 ft away from my router and I called Verizon and the security passcode is correct.  All my other devices have connected with out any problem.  Am I missing something or could it be the machine. 

Thanks,  Sue

From a lot more than 10 ft away, Jim says:
Are you getting the "Connection to network failed" error? Does it get to the point of asking you to enter the passcode? If not the WiFi hardware in the machine may not be working. If it does get there and your passcode has lower case letters in it, you need to touch the a/A key to change the case of the keyboard. Otherwise the code will be all upper case and will fail.

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