Re: connecting my 15000 and iPad

Gail Berkler

You state that there is a place that you can go to receive instructions to connecting the IPad to the 15000.  I, too, am having problems connecting the two and the instructions in the manual are not there that I see.  Please let me know where I can go to for advice.
Thank you,

Searching for his place in the world, Jim says:
We have a step-by-step document in the Files section that you can download. There's also a fairly good tutorial here. If you have the machine and iPad both connected to the same wireless network, but they won't connect to each other, try double-tapping the HOME button on the iPad. That should show all of the running apps on the screen. Find the AcuEdit and/or AcuMonitor apps and swipe up to close them. Then open them again. If you are using iOS 6 tap the red X in the app icon instead of swiping up. If you are still having trouble give us some more information as to what the problem is.

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