cord for the Horizon Link


I am getting ready to start appliquing a quilt top for my first grandbaby's nursery, all of the designs are ready machine set up, and I decided to connect my laptop so I could monitor the progress ( usually I just pop in a usb ) since there are so many parts.  It won't connect.  Can the cord go bad?  I have used Horizon Link with my old Windows XP computer but I recently had to upgrade and we bought a Windows 8.1.  H.L. appears to run, I brought the design up and I can do the simulator.  If I send the design in MBX to the machine it opens H.L. and tells me it isn't connected. 


Susan in Phoenix

Trying to connect, Jim says:

It's possible, but unlikely, that the cable is bad. Your first step should be to visit this page and make sure you have all the updates for MBX and HorizonLink. Moving to a new computer requires installation of all your programs, and you may not have updated them after installing from CD. You also may need to install the USB driver for the machine using the Jsmc859Installer utility.

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