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Donna M, we’d love to see pics of your multi-hooped projects…if you want to share.  Did you find it easy to adjust to Digitizer MBX?  (I’m picking mine up on Saturday, can’t wait try out some of my bigger existing designs on the new hoops).




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The 12000 moves by less than a millimetre with each touch of the jog key.  Fine tuning placement is fantastic.  I’ve stitched out two multi-hooped projects that I created DigitizerMBX and even without the alignment marks the two parts of the designed lined up perfectly. 


I’ve used the design positioning on the Pfaff and Husqvarna.  It is a nice feature on those machines but I have always found multi-hooping easier on my Janome embroidery machines.  The jog is precise.


Donna M



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