Go to your computer and look for your MBX file.  Open it up and look for "Revert".  It will give you the option to bring your software to the default and it will delete all of the files that may be getting in the way.  It will not delete any files you have saved only those the program has saved.  Then open your program and start again.  It will bring your program back to your default.  Do not uninstall it.  Hopefully you have not done that.  If you have then there are many more steps for you to take.  Just let us know.  Also go to your tools and make sure all of your selections have a check mark to be sure you have activated your tools.


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Help! I have the current version of MBX and am teaching an introduction class tomorrow. I import an image into the software but the "click-to-parallel weave" group of tools is not available. I use these tools quite a bit and have imported different types/formats of images and it doesn't seem to matter. These tools are grayed out and unavailable. I'm thinking it is something simple but have tried all I can think of in my frazzled state. Any suggestions would be SO appreciated!

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