Embroidery formats


What's the difference between .jef, .jef+ and jpx?  I have hundreds of designs in both .dst and .pes that I need to convert to Janome's format and I'm not sure which one to use.  I am using Embird to to the conversion.



Gail in Fl

Trying to make a difference, Jim says:

JEF is the preferred format for all Janome embroidery machines. JEF+ is used only to store designs internally within the 11000 and later models. It can be read by Janome software, but it is never necessary to use JPX outside the machine. If you are using Embird it may insist on using JPX for designs that use a hoop larger than 5 x 7. This was based on early, erroneous assumptions about what format large hoop designs need. JPX is a special format that allows inclusion of an image file. It is used by Janome's Digitizer MBX product, but none of the standard conversion programs use it.

Final answer: Use JEF except when Embird refuses to accept anything but JEF+.

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