App Updates

Jim Stutsman

A minor iPad bug became major when iOS 7 added the ability to lock the device in portrait mode. When an app is launched for the first time that way there is no button to bring up the menu, so you can't use all the features, or in some cases, any features. Thanks to two of our Aussie members who reported this problem. I have fixed it in the apps which I wrote and new versions are now in the App Store:

FootBook - version 3.1.2 now available

FootBook is a complete reference for Janome presser feet.

SCHMETZ - version 1.2.1 now available

SCHMETZ is a complete reference for SCHMETZ sewing machine needles.

FlorianiCN - version 1.0.1 waiting for review, should be available in 3-5 days

FlorianiCN is a complete reference for Floriani Chrome needles, as well as a tool for organizing them.

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