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Jim wrote:
Diane's advice, per Jim:
The variable zigzag takes a LOT of practice. Diane is still not thrilled with it. She recommends adjusting the sensitivity of the control (Page 97 in the manual, item 7) and also adjusting the knee lever itself to make it closer or farther away from your knee. Her best results were obtained by unplugging the foot control, setting the speed to medium and using the START/STOP button while moving the knee lever with her hand. The 12000 videos will not be very useful on the 15000 due to the many changes that Janome made between those 2 models.

Thank you Jim and Diane! I’d already adjusted the knee lever closer just in general, but will also work on the “sensitivity” stuff (and will refrain from any number of snarky or not-quite-witty comments that come to mind)…. Will also unplug foot control and try that, though honestly I detest using the start/stop button! Given the amount of control and “stop on a dime” stitching I want, I’m thinking moving the hand from the knee lever to the stop button isn’t going to get me stops that are where I want them. I long for a good old fashioned KNOB that you turn….. I may yet buy an oldie of the “B” brand just to do satin stitch that varies…using a knob!

Cheers, Sarah

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