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Thanks Jim for that link. Question: it appears that the Horizon Link ONLY works with PCs, correct? So the only way for one who has only Mac / Apple stuff is to either buy a cheapo PC laptop with drive OR use BootCamp or VMFusion or Parallels and buy Windows 8, correct?

Sigh…. it looks awesome, but since my 15000 is a loaner from Janome America I was hoping not to have to spend a significant chunk of change to use the software….any thoughts? (other than lucky you and suck it up!) I have several ideas in mind for projects to do for Janome America, but being able to mess around with them in Horizon Link on my own would be really good. Alas, I don’t know that I want to buy a new computer to do it, and don’t think I have enough room on my Mac to do it here, either….

Cheers, Sarah

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Avoiding spending money, Jim says:
Virtual Box is a good free alternative to Fusion and Parallels ( If your Mac has at least 4GB of RAM you can pick up a copy of Windows 7 Home for $100 ( and you're good to go.

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