Re: Posted Photos - Acufil Quilting Project


Lori: I purchased the designs from an online source. She has some free ones you can try but just let them know when you do the check out process you need JEF format in the comments section. HOWEVER, this is where I've been having issues with the tiny stitches which may appeal to some but I was looking for a bit longer stitch length. Easier to take out stitches if you make a mistake. Not sure if the conversion software she used is the problem or some other issue but she is looking into it. Her website is My Creative Stitches. I'm using the Sea Swirl design. I love how the Acufil figured out based on my quilt size and the design size how many times I'd have to hoop.

Nicole: Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look at my settings for the one stitch stop. Also will find a box or something to lay the bulk of the quilt on to keep it up. Do you know if there is something in the settings which will not ask me when I shutdown and restart at a later time to take the hoop off so the arm will reset?. I do have it set to Resume and that is the second message that comes up on screen.

Viriginia: I did find the quilting designs but the ones we have already on the machine are nice but I wanted to use a more open swirling pattern which Janome did not provide. I did compare the stitching on the Janome built-in software ones to the ones I got from the online source and I like the stitch length on the Janome ones so hopefully the vendor canĀ  figure out if it is her software or something else.


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