Re: Posted Photos - Acufil Quilting Project

Nicole Schmidt-Nutt

When I used the accufil I found it easier to do a one stich stop so I could bring the back thread to the top (which eliminated the thread on the back get jumbled or nesting).  Also, I found it easier to have a box or something I could lay the quilt on behind the machine so it all the weight was not on the arm.  Hope this helps!

On Thursday, June 5, 2014 9:15 AM, "juliadlf.ny@... [janome12000]" wrote:

I've started adding photos to an album I created here in the Yahoo group in the photo/album file. The album is titled Acufil Quilting Project. I'm using the MC12000. This has been a learning experience for me but so far I'm pleased with how the machine performs. I've been undoing the clips as I complete a section and moving the quilt to the next section while the hoop is still on the machine. One issue I did find was securing the magnetic clips so they stay in place.
I started the quilting on the top left and moved the template to the right as I completed each section being careful to be sure the quilt is not dragging on the arm to the front of the machine.  Matching the next section to the previous one is getting better and I found I needed to cut my design template very close so I can see the match-up better. I completed one row and found I should not stop and start the machine during the stitching as it causes thread build-up (knots ?) on the back. Once you stop and restart the machine, it stitches in place a couple of times before continuing. Not sure if this is something in the settings or just the way the machine is programmed to stitch once you stop and restart.
Also, trying to stop the machine when it first starts a new section to bring the bottom thread up. Will add more photos as the project progresses.


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