Re: Old hoop size designs to 120000

Sherry Martin

I have found that a lot of designs just automatically pick one of the 12000 hoops. I had a lot of designs I used to use in the old RE (5x7) hoop but the designs were really OK for the 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 hoop. The machine seems to automatically assign them to that hoop.

It seems like the problems may come with designs that had to be hooped several times and now can be hooped just once with the new big hoops. There have been quite a few posts on here on how to get those working correctly, but I haven't tried yet.

My suggestion would be to just load your design and then look at the hoop the machine has selected and see if it is correct. If not, then review all the old posts on here.

I've learned a lot about a lot of different things from reading the old posts.

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Just starting up with my 12000. I apologize if someone has posted and others have answered this question; however, I can't seem to find the right phrases/words for the search engine to find out!

I have dozens and dozens of designs which were configured using the hoop sizes for my 350e. Are there any special mods I should make to those designs to use them with my (Christmas present) 12000? If so, what are the steps? I use Embird (if that information makes a difference here). And, I am SO glad to find this group!

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