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Donna Morton

The 12000 moves by less than a millimetre with each touch of the jog key.  Fine tuning placement is fantastic.  I’ve stitched out two multi-hooped projects that I created DigitizerMBX and even without the alignment marks the two parts of the designed lined up perfectly. 
I’ve used the design positioning on the Pfaff and Husqvarna.  It is a nice feature on those machines but I have always found multi-hooping easier on my Janome embroidery machines.  The jog is precise.
Donna M

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Hello Jim,

what I mean is that once you have your fabric in the hoop and the hoop attached to the embroidery unit, you can move the design in small steps horizontal en vertical (withing the available space ofcourse) so the needle is exactly above the centre of the design. So if you have your fabric right in the hoop and know the centre of the design (helped by the template) you know you start in the right place.

Can Janome do this as well (moving the design)


Op 25-10-11 23:17, Jim_Stutsman schreef:


It's a little hard to say. The Pfaff website is a little vague, and the YouTube video that demonstrates the feature isn't working. The "Precise Placement" feature seems to be only for split designs with multiple parts. Janome's Digitizer software is about to get an update that will put alignment marks in the design, which would make it very easy to line up the parts. Janome has always been able to line up design parts, even before Pfaff had the feature. They just do it in a different way.

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> Thanks for this info Jim.
> Can you also tell me if the Janome has 'precise placement' like the Pfaff?
> thanks,
> Gerda

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