Re: A word of caution

Sherry Martin

I tried both the regular bobbin case and the embroidery bobbin case with Janome bobbin thread (I pretty much only use Janome). To me I thought the embroidery bobbin case combined with the straight stich plate looked a little nicer on the back of the fabric. I didn't notice much difference on the front.

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That bobbin case for embroidery is not necessary if you're using Janome bobbin thread the tension on the case is too much. I think in the book it tell you that you only use it when using the thinner (like the MB-4 bobbin thread) bobbin threads. Other brands may be thinner too. I used it with the Janome bobbin thread and it WAS too much tension. (Hah, it does make the bobbin thread last forever)

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Yes, I also forget the bobbin holder. It seems like with all the bells and whistles this machine has, maybe they could come up with an automatic bobbin holder and needle plate changer (ha ha). I would prefer a really good looking guy who just stands in the corner until I get done embroidering and then comes over and changes them for me while I admire him. Is that too much to hope for?

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But for me, it's also a reminder for bobbin holder as well as plate.
If there is ANY room for a booboo, I can do it!

Vicki Jo

Actually, you don't HAVE to change that throat plate back after
embroidering. You can do straight stitching AND free motioning
stitching. It's a great feature if you're stitching on sheer or flimsy
fabric-less chance of getting sucked down into the bobbin area. The
fact that many stitches (actually, any that have width) are grayed out,
should be enough of an indication that the straight stitch throat plate
is in.

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Cheryl, I found some cheap key rings/luggage tags with a label& labeled
1 "zigzag/regular", the other "straight stitch/embroidery". I hang the
appropriate one on Jim's metallic thread holder to remind me which
set-up I'm on.

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