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I think I was watching a video before I got my machines and could well have been watching the 7700P, I probably put in 1200 horizon and got heaven knows what. I have gone right through the video that came with the machine, all is now mud in some cases but I will get there. I did have a problem transferring from the USB to the memory on the machine, but I have cracked that now. I am writing down things that confuse me so that I can ask my dealer when I go for the lessons.....

Do you know if Janome have released the cost of the extra feet yet. I have the brochure but no prices. There are one or two I want to get. I am going to use some of the big designs on cushions will need the piping foot. I bought one for my 11000, found it very useful.

On the back of the machine there are 2 deep set screws which seem to line up with the thread guide for the 11000, is this where the thread guide fits???

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Were you watching the video that came with your machine? What you have described sounds like a video for the 7700P, a non-embroidery Horizon machine. Even that machine has feet that have to be attached to use the Acufeed system (built-in even feed). The Pfaff dual feed system works as you described, but I cannot imagine how a Pfaff video would wind up in a Janome machine box. Does you video have any markings on it? The official Janome video is clearly marked as being for the 12000. Given that your machine was open box, I wonder if the wrong video may have been put in.

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Yes I noticed it when reading through the instructions. Something else I found confusing was where the button was to unlock the needle plate so you could change it. Took me ages and a bit of searching before I found it hidden by the toolbox.

I completely forgot about changing the plate and bobbin when I worked the snow flake, did not really make that much difference.

One thing I did notice from the videos I had wtched before I got my machine, it appeared that you did not put a new needle plate on but pushed forward the small hole attached somehow to the zigzag plate. Also the even feed foot or what ever they called it seemed to be parmanantly attached to the machine and was pulled down to use and pushed back when you had finished using it. I was surprised to find the feet in the tool box and that you had to attach them to the machine.

Any comment Jim??????

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