Re: Left needle position with convertible free motion foot


Jim, the Convertible FM foot I just bought #202146001 says to move the needle to the left position. It also says to use the straight stitch plate.  There are 2 clear view feet, one for the left needle position and one for the center. The needle would almost hit the foot if it was in the center position the way it is, just like the 8900.  Is there a way to use the straight stitch plate with the needle in the left?  I used it today, but had to move the needle over and used the zigzag plate.

Gail in FL

Jim says:

That's the QB-S foot. On the 15000 it can be used from the center needle position or the left needle position with the straight stitch plate. The closed toe foot has an elongated hole, so it will work with the needle in either position. Stitch #4 will give you a left needle position. However if you use the QB-S foot holder with the ruler foot in the Free Motion Frame Quilting foot set the needle must be in the center.

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