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Vikki Youngmeyer

I still must be doing something wrong. I can get the first design in, however, any additional designs selected replace that design.




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I'm guessing that you are using Horizon Link, since you got it with your machine. When opening the program, choose the third option, "Editing embroidery designs". From the next screen click the Embroidery Edit button, which is highlighted, and choose the hoop you want to use. Then click the Design button in the "Place" section at the right end of the toolbar. This will allow you to choose a design from your Documents folder. Once you've done that, it will be placed in the hoop. You can also drag designs from open folders or your desktop and drop them in the hoop on the screen.

For stabilizers there are numerous online sources. One that a lot of people use and seem to like is AllStitch:
We have not used any online source as yet, having brought home a fair bit of stabilizer when we closed the store, but when we need something we'll probably try AllStitch.

--- In janome12000@..., "Vikki Youngmeyer" wrote:
> I am missing something that must be obvious to everyone else! How does one
> merge two embroidery files to get one? I have a bird and a set of tail
> feathers. I need them to be one image so I can stitch it out. The
> instructions talk about "drag and drop" but I can't seem to be in the right
> mode to have this happen. Multiple selections at one time aren't allowed.
> Another question - this isn't so much a Janome topic - but where does one
> get stabilizer for the larger hoops? Coming from the Janome 350e, the only
> stabilizers I ever used were 12" which fit in the 5 x 7 hoop, which was the
> largest one supported by that machine.
> Thanks,
> Vikki
> Houston, TX

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